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7 Reasons Why Bangladesh Should Never Allow Transit to India
July 18, 2008, 10:41 am
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7 Reasons Why Bangladesh Should Never Allow Transit to India

By Abid Bahar, Canada

The issue is, the CTG is not an elected government and transit is an issue related to sovereignty, security and economic factors. The News Today Monday July 14 2008 reported: “The [CTG] government earlier was sympathetic about the transit issue. It was in a mood to propose to India to conduct a feasibility study on the rail transit but the Indian High Commissioner’’s public statement on this sensitive issue has forced the government to change its earlier position” the source said. Why should CTG show interest in it is question repeatedly asked in Bangladesh!

Why Bangladesh should never allow transit to India. Here are the reasons:

1. India has proven itself as an untrustworthy friend. During the liberation war, while helping Bangladesh liberation, it secretly built the Farakka dam. “Farakka was commissioned on permission from Mujib on the condition that it will have test run for only 40 days. But unfortunately those 40 days is yet to be finished (even after 37 years) and Bangladesh is getting the pinch of dry rivers. Further 54 other international waters were stopped by the friend of BAL making barrage/dams/ groins virtually making lower riparian country Bangladesh’s rivers dry.”

During Mujib time, the Rakkhi Bahini head was made an Indian. The jute head quarter was transferred to Delhi. With the Mujib -Indira Pact, river demarcation based on the mid current was made a farce. Bangladesh is losing land. It is now a serious problem. Mujib was persuaded to hand over the sovereignty of “BERUBARI” in return of “Tin Bigha.”But Tin Bigha was never returned. A Berline wall was built in Bengal to so-called stop Bangladeshis cross the border. India jammed the Bangladesh TV. As a matter of target practice, India regularly kills Bangladeshi joans in the border region. Even before the investigation, India blames Bangladesh for terrorist actions within its borders.

“Due to sinking of several ships in Chittagong Port during Liberation War…, it was difficult to import …essentials for war torn Bangladesh. Bangladesh requested India to just to allow using Calcutta Port for only six months in 1972. India refused the request.” “Bangladesh wanted only 16 miles transit to pave for easy trade between two SAARC countries Bangladesh and Nepal.” But it was refused. Now India wants 600 miles of corridor. Bangladesh should never allow transit to India.

2. Without the transit, India’s seven non Indian sisters in the North East that now depend on Bangladesh for manufactured goods, but with transit, India will sell its own product to the region and Bangladesh will lose.

3. India doesn’t want to allow Bangladesh to have land route with Nepal and Bhutan which is purely for trade purpose, India shows the excuse that it goes against its territorial integrity, using the same logic Bangladesh can not allow transit.

4. Financial benefit from transit fees would outweigh its other disadvantages. Bangladesh would risk destroying its own roads and highways, infect its citizens AIDS. Roads and highways will be neglected by the chauvinistic Indian traders and military personnel are passing through Bangladesh’s heartland.

5. India is an unreliable keeper of promises. It failed to keep up to the signed treaties of Barubari/ Farakka. India first fix these problems than only trust building will lead to transit.. RAW fed Indian chauvinistic government will never go for a fair deal because its sole purpose is to help Bangladesh into a failed state.

6. Transit through Bangladesh will allow India to increase its repression in its occupied North East. For such repression, Bangladesh suffered in the hand of Pakistan and now as a peace-loving country, it shouldn’t allow India to increase its repression over its non Hindi/ largely Asian/ Christian and Buddhist minority people unfortunately made part of India. At the same time such a deal would make Indian separatists rebels make Bangladesh a target.

7. Indian treaties are politically motivated. While Mujib signed the Mujib-Indra Treaty 25 year treaty results in the beginning of trade deficit, water shortage, border issues dispute, and dependence on India resulting in the India friendly Mujib’s unpopularity and within a short period of time made Bangladesh bankrupt, “the bottomless basket case” and brought his own death. If the past experience with India is a guide, it is believed that people in favor of transit to India are the ignorant India- lovers popularly known in Bangladesh as the “Indian Razakars” who are inviting trouble for Bangladesh. For such an issue we suggest for a national referendum. If people decide, let it be, if not, never!

Why the CTG to bother on the transit issue which the former two governments? It appears that the CTG was brought to power by groups aligned with foreign powers, one of them is India. The CTG brought to power through the excuse of anarchy. It seems it is showing its responsibility to its constituency-India.

It was through the AL led unrest and anarchy in late 2006-2007 that evaded the 90 days limit of the CTG duration. It appears that the CTG’s corruption charges are not real but to have the minus 2 policy and to install a future Moin U military government! This is now evident in General Moin U receiving the Indian 7 horses.

As it appears, Bangladesh is infested with RAW agents and unrest in the cities and in tribal areas continues while countries like Vietnam and Singapore continues the pace of development.

If allowed transit within the country, it will be bringing crocodile through digging a canal. Once transit is given, Bangladesh will not be in a position to take it back. India is increasingly becoming powerful. It will kill Bangladeshis with the excuse of being terrorists or drug -dealers, as US does in Columbia with its puppet government. India also has super connection with the Super Power US- Israel. For Bangladesh, India is a danger in the making! Never allow transit to India!

India is building war fleets and torpedoes to keep its growing power from Africa up to Australia in the Indian Ocean. Without the transit, Bangladesh’s existence is almost threatened but with transit, like the US-Pak former friendships, and today’s Pakistan, Bangladesh will be a breeding ground for anti-US- Indian fundamentalism. Never allow transit to India!

Finally, why India is forcing Bangladesh’s nonelected government for a deal? The answer is India is not a trustworthy friend. Its attitude is to create pressure and seek concession. Bangladesh to survive should never allow transit to India.

Bush”s New Cons in Bangladesh! Why Hasina is silent?

The other development that “US Marine Corps wants to survey BD-India border-Collecting detailed terrain intelligence. US has asked for detailed terrain information about major cities including Dhaka as well as for details of all airports and airstrips in Bangladesh.” Who are these people taking advantage of the CTG government? Are these the Americans or Bush’s New Cons? Link: The Bangladesh Today:

US Marine Corps want to survey BD-India border-Collecting detailed terrain intelligence

Bangladeshis Unite!
Fight against the CTG for an Elected Government!
Save our Motherland Bangladesh!

Abid Bahar, Canada
E Mail :

No transit facilities to India

By Abu Zafar Mahmood

India has been demanding transit facilities from Bangladesh for military purposes.Bangladesh must not involve in such suicidal risk.The caretaker government of Bangladesh also should not go for making dicision on such national issue.On the otherhand,a mass violence and tough struggle would be pushed against Army backed government if the foreign ministry surrender to the Indian authority in any way.

General Moin u Ahmed and Dr.Fakhruddin Ahmed also certainly be criticized and blamed severly.It will be easy to say that they are positioned through Indian supports to materialise the Indian interests and to turn Bangladesh a complete Indian colony and it could be strongly beleived that people will not have choice accept fighting against the caretakers and militaries.

Indian Authorities might think that it is the best time to put pressure this caretakers and the military commanders in absence of political government.Moreover might take the advantage of misusing the American-Indian tie on pressurising Bangladesh.In fact it is clear that Bangladesh was born a militant nation by it`s birth in the question of national soverienty and interests and will not accept Indian open supremacy in anyway.

It is mentionable that during the liberation war of Bangladesh in the year 1971 the Indian government manged to get signed a 7 points agreement by the acting president of exile government Syed Nazrul Islam.

Those 7 points of the agreement were:-

1.Those who actively participated as freedom fighters and were recognized as such would according to ability run the state administration of Bangladesh and the others would be removed from their employment and service.

2.The Indian and Bangladesh Armies would be made into a joint or comboned army where head would be the Indian Army chief.Only on his command couid war be waged.

3.Bangladesh will not have it`s own military force.

4.Instead a paramilitary force would be established to take care of the internal law and order situation.

5.There will bean open market between the two countries but from time to time through mutual discussions the principles of trade would be settled.

6.The Indian Army will remain in Bangladesh for an indefinite period.

7.India and Bangladesh would have the same foreign policy based on discussions between the two countries.

After this agreement was signed prime minister Indira Gandhi advised for the declaration war against pakistan.( This reference taken from the book `The war preparation of India-Pakistan and war` by Dr.kalidas Baidyo).He wrote Indian Army took the `possession` of Bangladesh on 16th December 1971.

In the surrender and sovereignty power document which was signed by General Niazi on behalf of defeated Pakistan Army and handed over to the General Arora of the Joint force it was no where mentioned whether this surrender document was then passed on to the Bangladesh Government later on.

At that time the Mujib Bahini composed of 10 thousands student leaders were trained under Indian intelligence agency RAW and controlled by thethen pro-Indian youth leaders Serajul alam khan,Sheikh Fazlul haq Moni,Abdur Razzak and Tofail Ahmed.This guerrilla commandos(Mujib Bahini) were driven against the exile government and Mukti Bahini always to keep them disturbed.

But what was the realities?

The international powers and leaders did not accept Indian possession on Bangladesh and did not come forward on recognizing Bangladesh,a sovereign nation untill Indian Army get out of it. Commander of Liberation war Sector Number 9 Major Mohammed Abdul Jalil initiated fighting against Indian Armies.

Our great leader Bongo Bondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after his release from pakistan jail,made a deal with Prime minister Indira Gandhi to withdraw the Indian Armies from Bangladesh.The occupied Army was withdrawn on March 12th 1972.The prime minister of India came Dhaka on March 19th and signed a joint declaration treaty of 25 years.This treaty also was denied and publicly opposed by great elderly leader Mowlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and large section of freedom fighters.

The Great leader of Bangladesh Bongo Bondhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated .The role of Indian government and the activities of RAW in it are still big question mark in that respect.

The same theory was followed in the writings of Indian renowned defence analyst Mr.Rabi Rikhi.He wrote in his book,The war that never was: “India should at the earliest opportunity incorporate pakistan into the Republic followed by all the terrotories that composed India before Independence.The natural boundaries of India encompass the present-day states of India,pakistan and Bangladesh.Our geo-stratigic imperative requires a subordinate Srilanka,Burma and Bhutan,and a buffer Tibet and Afganistan.No matter what the cost,we must start the process of reintegration.The later we put it off,the more the eventual cost.Once Pakistan returns to the fold,the other states will return at a fraction of the cost and effort.Reintegration can be conducted either peacefully or by war.In 1975,Shiekh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated.Though Mrs Indira Gandhi first considered intervention and Army alerted 3 divisions,in the end the government hasitated and the moment passed.

The result: Our chance to keep the Bangladesh in our camp vanished.India would have been fully justified in intervening under the same doctrine that lets the soviet Union intervene in Poland and Afganistan and the United states of America in Nicaragua Grenada”

India propogates lots of false accusations against Bangladesh to isolate it from international freinds and United Nations.They follow the Adolf Hitler`s doctrine of accusations against the enemies.He accused and charged against Poland,Czechoslovakia and Austria of oppressing their ethnic German population before invading those countries.

Indian intellegence Agency-RAW using Dr. Kalidas Bodyo and HBC unity council to create Hindu state within Bangladesh by the Indian Border with the districts of Khulna,Jeshore,Kustia,Faridpur,Barisal and Potuakhali.His Hindu Armed fighters are known as Bongo sena.The name of his movement was Bongo bhumi movement.He started the formal attack on August 15th 1977 and the formal official declaration of Bongo Bhumi was announced on March 24th 1982.

In the meantime the name of Bongobhumi movement is changed into Human rights congress on Bangladeshi minorities-HRCBM.They stage drama on Hindu supression,make film on it.Use these documents in America and Canada for Indian Hindu`s political assylum application and on the otherhand use accusing Bangladesh and Muslims in favricted purposes.

On May 1989 in an interview with Dhaka Corrior Publication Dr.Kali Das was asked,Wel,Tell me,What may be the alternative to Bongobhumi movement?Mr.Das said,The alternative is only one,Bangladesh may accept submission and become a part of India.The Bongobhumi movement may be stopped if it(Bangladesh )accept total submission.(Daily Dinkaal-4th December,1993).

Indian foreign ministry says they love Bangladesh and for it`s Economic and Security reasons they will use the transit facilities only, not for India`s own Military reasons.Sikkim is the perfect example to make the world clear of the confusion.

The Indians claim to have had evidence that CIA was encouraging the king to seek independence.He married American girl.Indian security is endangered.So they instructed their external intelligence agency to make plot to through him in troubles.Then it was announced every where that king is conspiracing to assassinate all the popular political leaders and civil servants.Ruler will be the owner of absolute power which galvanized the publics against the ruler and brought public demonstration and resentment out of the streets.This prepared a perfect cover for the Indian Army to intervene in April 1973.

The ruler was convinced to make the legislature every 4 years.On April 10th The assembly made a decesion that`the institution of Chogyal is hereby abolished and Sikkim shall henceforth be a constituent unit of India`.

India`s justification was superficially based on the idea of democracy and human rights but it`s true motivations were derived from the deep of the Nehru doctrine and which was brought into play by theperceived US interest in Sikkim.

“India could least afford an unstable Sikkim or allow interference of any foreign country in Sikkim affairs… .It was also obvious that anunstableneighbor would become a grave threat to India`s national security… .So in response to Sikkim`s Assembly resolution,the constitution(Thirty eighth Amenment) Act was passed by Parliament,making Sikkim the 22nd State of the Indian Union on April 26th,1975”.RAW acquired the credit to bloodless transformation of a princely state into a democratic state of India.

Now the issue of impact of the Global climate change,Democracy,the issue of bringing the war criminals into justice,The internal face of major political leaders,price crisis of the commdities,Area determination of country,US-INDIA -CHINA interests conflict and the role of military in country,Naval base of the country,oil and gas mines etc are the main factors.In this time the pressure for transit is definitely highlights a dangerous threat to take into consideration and the entire nation must be united not to provide the enemy military to use the Soil of Bangladesh.

The conscious Bangladeshis might remember the valuable writings of india`s philosopher of expansionism Mr Jawharlal Nehru.In his book~`Discovery of India` he wrote, “India will inevitably exercise an important influence.India will also develop as the centre of economic and political activity in the Indian ocean area.The small national state is doomed.It may survive as a culturally autonomous area but not as an independent political unit”.

Abu Zafar Mahmood, journalist and South Asian affairs

Posted by Isha Khan


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Great!!! We never should allow transit to INDIA.

Comment by Rony


Transit is not one party game.India is a big country in respect of population,land and resources.Where as Bangladesh is a small country with scare resources.
But Bangladesh is situated geographically in an advanced stage in respect of communication with sea,air and road with its neighbors.India has been always wanting transit with out sharing anything.There are so many disputes with India including sharing water from Ganges river that they had been diverting from a long.
If they want transit they have to provide us our due share in all respect.

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Comment by Monirul Haque

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