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Bangladesh’s Survival Strategy: Understanding Nehru’s India Doctrine
July 23, 2008, 8:44 pm
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Bangladesh’s Survival Strategy: Understanding Nehru’s India Doctrine

By Abid Bahar, Canada


It says knowledge is power. India’s RAW means Research and Analysis Wing. It is true, from research on its neighbors India directly develops its foreign policy. It seems true that India knows about Bangladesh and its other neighbors more than the respective county’s leaders. Ever since its independence, Bangladesh has been looted, damed, built walls of hatred, and internally helped by the RAW agents to create anarchy in Bangladesh. R.N. Kao, the first RAW chief, once said: ‘‘A foreign intelligence agency is the eyes and ears of the government. Its activities are the direct resultant of the policies of the government, without which any government would be left in a state of limbo.’’ Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh once known to have remarked that ‘‘this man (referring to Kao) knows more about my country than I do.’’ RAW founded by Nehru’s daughter Indra Gandhi is “constitutionally a “wing” of the Cabinet Secretariat, …suffers from no agency-like accountability to India’s parliament, and its activities lie outside the ambit of the country’s recently acquired Right to Information Act.”

Where does Bangladesh stands in its knowledge about India, Indian people, its provinces, its religion and culture and the deep -rooted Indian problems and even about RAW and the RAW activities in Bangladesh? It seems that Bangladesh considers India as a country that helped in its liberation war and it should maintain its good neighborly relations with India. True though, a “good neighbor is a great blessing.” However, in dealing with the Nehru Doctrine, Bangladesh’s position appears naive and very poor. Some experts estimate that even the present CG government backed by the pro-Indian General Moyeen U was brought to power through the staged anarchy of January 2007 was by foreign elements, one being India. One political analyst estimates: “Pro-India elements provided the support base (for the CG).” It estimates a large part of “our media are controlled by India. Proshika is controlled by India. India has made inroads into our cultural and political system.” It has been noted that in Bangladesh, RAW is very much active through the pro-Indian groups.

Bangladeshis as a peace-loving people wonder why India had been hypocritical in actions even with the friendly Mujib government of Bangladesh. Why the Mujib-Indra Treaty was designed to make Bangladesh dependent? Why instead of helping Bangladesh there was the Farakka problems and the artificial dependence on India and Mujib’s administrative failures that eventually led to his death? What is behind India’s motive in dealing with its neighbors? The answer is it is Nehru’s India Doctrine. Nehru’s India Doctrine came from Nehru’s belief in the undivided India (Akhonda Bharata), Gandhi mildly called it the “Rama Raja.”

Nehru’s India Doctrine says:

“India will inevitably exercise an important influence. India will also develop as the centre of economic and political activity in the Indian Ocean area. The small national state is doomed. It may survive as a culturally autonomous area but not as an independent political unit.” Now it makes sense of why and how Hydrabad, Kashmir, Goa, and Sikkim were made part of India. Why there has been deep Indian RAW involvement in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and in Bangladesh.?

India lately is showing its assertiveness. It formed its alliance with the US. Wonder why all these India-US underground activities particularly in Bangladesh? It is clear that “some of the objectives in this whole exercise are the occupations of the gas fields, coal fields, control of offshore gas exploration (and possibly oil?), constructing three-country gas pipe line, obtaining transit, road-rail-river multiple connectivity, Chittagong port facility, construction of deep sea port at Chattagong area (for North East India, with WB loan, so that while we would do the loan servicing, India would get the port facility and transit), etc. … India also wants to control our economy, army, administration, government, as well as the territory. Then they want to reduce it to a vassal state before annexing it as a subordinate state,” the Nehru Doctrine in practice.

“Through sustained propaganda over many years, the axis of evil has internationally depicted Bangladesh as a hub of Islamic terrorism, so that they can militarily intervene through multi-national force as in Afghanistan. As a vicious propaganda, India always has alleged that there are a large number of ULFA camps in Bangladesh, and they proposed to Moyeen U, during his visit to India, for India-Bangladesh joint military operation to flush the ULFA out, like in Bhutan in 2003, since when Bhutan has been subjugated with Indian army stationed there permanently. They also have another plan of intervention, which is by developing civil war between the army and the people and by declaring it a failed state and then by bringing in the blue helmets, UN army. In the mean time, the US marines have been studying the terrain, road communications etc. of Bangladesh for the last six months in the pretext of disaster prevention, as has been reported in the press.” Is Bangladesh heading for a military dictatorship with General Moyeen U’s CG not allowing election, and it’s devoted minus two policy? The quiet storm that raged on the transit issue, people even threatened armed struggle if transit” given shows that there are still independent-minded Bangladeshis who will stand up to fight any further development of Nehru’s Indian Doctrine in Bangladesh.

In India’s growing power in the region, Bangladeshis firm determination to fight against the external enemies doesn’t seem to be enough to deal with India. In this clash between Bangladesh Doctrine of peaceful-living with Nehru’s Indian Doctrine of aggression, Bangladesh to survive as a nation, in every Bangladesh University it must have to have South Asian Research Institute where compulsory studies on Indian culture, religion and politics be taught. Bangladeshi spy agency has to be upgraded and remain on guard to find RAW members working in Bangladesh. Once found out should be made public.

In order to hide its bloody hands, RAW plays with that Bangladeshis people as being the Bengalis and to divide the nation, it promotes the so-called progressive politics through the Indian Bengali elements and the Bangladeshi political parties the theme of the 1971 war and the issue of Jamat/ Razakar as the enemy to fight.

Bangladeshis should clearly articulate who they are, Bengali or Bangladeshi. Quite surely, India made it clear when it put a Berlin wall dividing Bengal and there was no complain from the Indian Bengalis. Bangladeshis are only lately finding out that now they are on their own as the Bangladeshis. In this situation of isolation, in order to be able to deal with India effectively there should be organizations of smaller countries perhaps an eventual deep cooperation among themselves to fight against Nehru’s evil Indian Doctrine. It is also necessary to have the direct involvement of China. Perhaps China should be given lease of a small island in the Bay of Bengal.

In the chaotic situation created in January 2007 and the installation of the CG, and the civilian leaders arrested enmass on corruption charges, it seems that Bangladeshi people in their slumber almost lost Bangladesh. It seems that the decisions are made largely in the US embassy. Now that the Bushites policy is in sharp contrast with the progressive policies of the former US administrations, it is imperative that Bangladeshis should be able to distinguish between a friend from an enemy; the later perhaps is promoting the Indian Doctrine at the guise of a friend of Bangladesh.

Fortunately, “what they have not conquered is the masses of the people. And this is where all their conspiracies to subjugate us will be thwarted. So, we have a solid ground to stand on. And we will win!”

The CG’s refusal to release political leaders, refusal to withdraw the emergency rule, to set an election date, and the increase in the activities of high profile US and UK diplomats in Dhaka with Indian coordination, there seems to be the chosen man waiting in the cue: the opportunist General Moyeen U to form the next military government. Development in that direction led Hasina to leave the country to safety, Khalida with her two sons paralyzed, now refuse to leave Bangladesh.

Following the Nehru Doctrine’s forward march, is the future of Bangladesh as a small national state doomed?” For the evil Doctrine preaches that “it may survive as a culturally autonomous area but not as an independent political unit.” That is the self-fulfilling Prophesy of the Indian Doctrine. For Bangladesh however, it is better late to take serious measures then never. Measures should be taken from the understanding of Nehru doctrine of the Brahmo Raj and how to neutralize the impact of it that in future from anarchy could stop to take the lives of many Bangladeshis similar to the Iraqis; the latter didn’t know the storm in their sky that would struck everybody on the ground. There must be a way to deal with the evil forces hanging in the sky of Bangladesh and it must be averted and it got to be done through research because we know that knowledge is power.

For now Bangladeshis need 4 points:

(1)Fight against the CG government’s illegal emergency rule

(2) Demand the resignation of Moyeen U as the head of the army

(3)Demand immediate conducting of national election.

(4) Release the political prisoners stopped on fake charges

Abid Bahar, Canada
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