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Frailty , Thy Name is Woman
July 23, 2008, 8:41 pm
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Frailty , Thy Name is Woman

BY: Prem Raj

This is not a mythical story but a legendary tale in which a death fairy dancing through the corridors of Nepal’s palace slumbers the top slot to sleep for ever.

Devyani Rana, a charismatic personality, a gorgeous figure, a spell bound beauty in a style of convincing others, who was not only trained to become the beloved queen of the Nepal’s crown prince Dipendra but also to hypnotize by mounting on his nerves and then driving in the direction she liked him to move.

This was an uphill task but she was given lot of money to exhibit her beauty and trained in manners to impress the Royal family of Nepal.

A glorified history of Nepal is spread over the period of 9 thousand years in which the kingdom stood as the symbol of unity, respect and grandeur. But this was never accepted by India having expansive designs in the Region and thus becoming a military might with a radical political philosophy, whether it was Kashmir, Bengal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Nepal, India always had a ubiquitous policy of having hegemony over the South Asian countries. So Nepal a beautiful bird was caged as having shut the only exit to separate it geographically, to kneel her down and was left to the mercy of India, for every petty need.

Most of the party leaders of Nepal were taught in various Indian schools and colleges so to remain spoon fed by the RAW and even within the ruling Rana hierarchy some of them were segmented to voice against the monarchy. To detonate the Kingdom, the training rendered by the RAW and the services volunteered by the nightingale Devyani Rana who is related to India’s aristocratic Scindia family and also belonged to the Rana clan which ruled Nepal until 1951, were acquired. The family of Devyani Rana had been at loggerheads with the kingdom’s monarchy and thus being poles apart the proposal of marrying Dipendra was never acceptable to both the families.

But for the RAW this became a soft entry to the palace to ignite her nefarious activities thus climbing on to the shoulders of two RANAS to erase the palace. The RAW has always been at the look out of the figure like Devyani Rana who has deep rooted history in Nepal and branches bearing fruits in India. She was just raw when came before the RAW but within six months she turned out to be a well trained agent and now changed in to Rani from Rana.

An explosive beauty of Devyani Rana now could attract a person of any age and then destroy him but the target assigned to her was to bug the palace. Now she headed for the crown prince to lower him in to the jar of her charismatic and enchanting beauty.

Dipendra was unable to witness a glimpse of the queen beloved thus submitted before her. Dipendra became a puppet in the skilled hands of Devyani Rana and could not comprehend the plot set for him or for his family he did whatever he was told to do by his beloved. Dipendra was made to drink and drink until he became addict but in the process he was brain washed as well. Drink offered to him was not by anyone but by Devyani Rana, the daughter of Pashputi Shamsher Rana who has been one of Nepal’s most influential politicians, now heading a faction of the Rashtriya Prajatantrik Party.

It was June Ist, 2001, when Devyani Rana was given a green signal by her mistress the RAW to accomplish the mission and the time fixed was the annual dinner in which all the Royal family members are gathered to attend the feast. Devyani Rana sitting beside Dipendra, the crown prince and continuously offering him a wine to drink whereas other family members await for the missing crown on the dining table. The whole palace is lit except the ghostly dimmed lights in the room where Dipendra is drinking by the hands of his beloved Devyani Rana who is reciting the verses of John Keats,…………

My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains

My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,

Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains

One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk

So this goes on and gets disturbed when the bell rings in the chamber of the prince. She attends to the call, “you move him now and if need be there exists three armed men, in the gallery close to your room as they always used to be there, from my squad”, at the other end the instructions were passed by a well acquainted person. She now holds a gun and tries to hand it over to Dipendra, while saying if they refuse, you better kill them as promised by you, because we have to bind ourselves in to a marital knot at any cost. But Dipendra lying motionless in a couch did not respond due to over dose. She rushed to the gallery and instructed the guards appointed by the RAW thus leading them in to the hall where the banquet was being served. The guards sprawled the bullets all around and there fell eight members of the Royal family dead.

Now she entered the room where her paramour was present but almost unconscious, the guard tried to straighten the gun and she cautioned him to stop as she herself was eager to say sayonara and present him the last salute. Thus she sprayed the bullets which pierced through the body of Dipendra and then the nightingale flew on the wings of the RAW. But she forgot to leave behind the weapon to satisfy the suicidal episode included in the plot, prepared by the RAW, which has made the drama ambiguous and esoteric..

Now came the news that 34 years old lady, once upon a time the beloved of the crown prince and then a heroine of the massacre killing of the royal family of Nepal is getting married to Indian Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Arjun Singh’s grand son Aishwariya Friday, in a ceremony which has to be attended by Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, because of her remarkable services rendered while risking her life and sacrificing her youth for the country, she deserves much more than that. She has to be honoured by the leading personalities of India while becoming a legend and a living character of Agatha Christie’s novel and depicting the most tragic event of Hamlet’s drama when the nightingale sings a death song and the painful notes strike the domes of the palace in the silence of midnight when the royals are laid to rest in peace and the blood of Dipendra writing on the floor,………………………………

NOTE: This article was written by the author ten days before the marriage of Devyani Rana with Aishwariya

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