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The Mourning Moon
August 19, 2008, 8:23 pm
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The Mourning Moon

By Prem Raj

The black out adds the darkness veiling the Bagram air port in Afghanistan. It’s a pin drop silence but shattered when the screaming pierces through the stillness sheet of midnight. Scream after scream create a rhythm leaping on to touch the sky but on the other moment falling like an injured bird, striking with one hillock to the other coining resonance of pain, agony and torture, hovering like a soul eager to enter back to the body confined in the torture cell set by the CIA.

The melancholy atmosphere grips people with qualms, horror and panic. That looks to be every thing wailing with the wave of painful screaming, which generates numbness in the body.

‘Who is crying’, an inquisitive six years old boy, dressed immaculately asks his father a U.S. sergeant going on vacations.

‘A witch, my son, has been crying since five years. People in the area have got used to her screaming and the sound of her mourning guides people only to synchronize their watches, as these bemoaning cries can mark lasting effects alone on the new arrivals.’ ‘Do you know about her’, asks the son in a frightful tone.

‘Yes, I am a member of a team who is investigating this Muslim woman.’

“She is a ‘Macho Woman’ could not break down, though so fragile, weak and brittle. I exactly remember when five years back she was abducted by the locally purchased agents on the direction of the American F.B.I., from Karachi, along with her three children; one out of them of tender age, later on was handed over to the investigating team of specialists handling her in the torture cell close to the Bagram Air Port in Afghanistan.

The “gray lady of Bagram” is the greyhound who was born in Karachi in March 1972. In the United States she attended colleges in the Boston, falling in the domain of Massachusetts. In the year 1992, as a sophomore at MIT she received a Carroll L.Wilson Award for her research proposal, on the subject of “Islamization in Pakistan and its effects on the Women”. As a subordinate she received a $ 1,200 award through MIT’s LINKS programme to help clean up Cambridge elementary school playgrounds. This untiring, unassuming scrupulous woman worked in the MIT libraries apart from her commitment with the studies. After her graduation from MIT in 1995 she wrote an article for the MIT Information Systems about how to download computer programs while using the File Transfer Protocol and then the same emerging as World Wide Web.

Later on she graduated from Brandeis University in the subject of Neuroscience and received her Ph.D. degree in 2001 for her dissertation, entitled “Separating the Components of Imitation”. Always wearing scarf covering her head, an Islamic symbol and a smile running across the face, she was greeting every one in and outside the campus. This genius lasso a fairy in the campus became the most popular figure. These are the typical traits of all the Muslim terrorists to trap the people.

We lashed all sorts of atrocities on her but this dangerous woman did not divulge single information about Al-Qaeda to which she belonged. I have served in Iraq as well prior to my posting in Afghanistan in this set up of C.I.A. There people talk of cruelties of Yazid in battle of Karbala faced by Husssain the grand son of MUHAMMAD (Peace Be upon Him) but will shiver when the tragic tale of this woman attached to the continuous malevolent, ravening brutality is going to be dawned on the world. It is the marathon of catastrophe which this woman is labouring having a mountain heart. When I interrogated her first, instead of replying, she would just nod her head parallel to the ground like a pendulum with the sarcastic smile reining the face fully dressed with hatred and odium. These were December nights & the moon in its full youth consigning its rays through cell bars making zebra crossings on this frail woman of effete.

Who funded you for your nefarious activities? Very comfortably she nodded her head in the like direction and the image drawing a line of minus on the wall in the moon-light, portraying ‘nay’. I frowned and gave a full punch on her nose which broke like a glass hit on the wall with a fountain of blood oozing out. Before getting unconscious she yelled, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR…… in the mid of a night, the sound echoing to tear apart the cell walls and breaking the iron bars like the fluttering birds to liberate the soul from the body advancing to spike the ceiling of the sky.

Her nose broke in the manner that the bone completely got minced, the flesh spread on the face looked like a parachute having fallen on ground and she appeared to be the true drawing of a caricature. The doctor was called upon to make it erect like endeavouring to pitch the tent but failed in his attempt due to the meager resources available in the camp and C.I.A. was never ready to expose her to the public while taking her to the proper hospital. Thus the nose was reset in an improper fashion and this became blessing in disguise that she even could not recognize herself after venturing of hand made plastic surgery. As the wound was disturbed in the open and the doctor acting like a cobbler who sits on the pavement without injecting anesthesia sewing the bunch of flesh trying to prove his artisan thus the swelling grew which appeared to be the sand dune covering the complete face. And the beauty is she never complained against the cruelties rather kept reciting the verses from the Holy Quran in the hour of calamity and was blessed with the immense fighting spirit. After seeing her great confidence we all got scared of her hence decided to go in pair especially at night to deal with the this witch.

It almost took a month to get the nose tamed on her face. It was the duty of Peter, on the fateful night that declined to accompany a friend exhibiting his mettle to handle the ghost. It was pitch dark when he approached to her cell with the help of the guard who unlocked the chain of the sliding bars holding torch in his hand. She was resting her back with the wall lying motionless on the floor. In the hour of silence one could hear only the foot tramping of the soldier moving in the corridor. Peter started scrolling his fingers on face of the ghostly woman as the fingers reached close to her lips the injured lioness roared and then locked her two brackets of teeth on to the two surveying fingers which almost got chewed and did not leave until the guard came to rescue him that too hitting her with butts & bayonets. Peter ran out of the cell crying at top of his voice. And the Witch not bothering about her bleeding, murmuring in rage, am a Muslim no one can dare to touch me except death, no one can dare to touch me except death……………..and then shouting, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR..

The fingers of Peter got infected and ultimately were amputated. Now she being hardened criminal was shifted to another cell especially made for her where the cameras linked with the T.V. screen were fixed to read her reactions and record her waffling. She was put to chains and the head resting in the iron bracket was fixed in the wall to make her motionless, hence her eyes lodged on to a focal point. High powered bulbs ranging up to 5000 watt were also put to light her body round the clock. Mostly she refused to take the food declaring it Haram, especially when the dish made of pig meat offered or the meal cooked in the fats of the said animal.

On 10th day of her housing in the new cell in chilled weather, water with the pipe was lowered to fill the cell. Astonishingly she remained placid and calm trying to rotate her eye balls in the direction of the new entrant to welcome the guest. When the water first touched her feet she laughed like the baby who finds surprisingly a toy after crawling and when that reached up to her waist level she sat like a bride in the palanquin enjoying every morsel of the moment. It was all disturbing and hence decided to stamp a wound lacerating her soul permanently beyond the body injuries. So Anderson & Peter brought her youngest son of 7 months old raising the crying baby high, to bring him in line of her sight. Now she quivered, swayed and oscillated her body in pains where the chains striking with the walls sounding like wind boxing the chimes to cause emotions of love enchanting a lullaby for her son. Peter repeatedly threw him like a ball to touch the ceiling of the cell. She kept swerving like a bird in the trap.

And then Peter abandoned the infant in to the water. Oh, Lord! Take my soul but save my child, lady begged for mercy from Him, but never asked the favour from us standing close to her child. Your God is too far to listen to the prayers why you don’t supplicate us to save his life, said Anderson. I shall pray only to Him who takes the life and confers death, scornfully, she yelled. She tried her best to keep her son above the surface of the water with the help of her feet and the legs and in this effort the iron bracket driven in the wall came out which was fastened with the large nail, while letting her neck free to move around.

The last breath of his soul became few bubbles on the surface of water which were soon put off and the body of an infant started floating on the water surface in front of her eyes. The acrimony and squirm in her eyes was splashing scintillation. Her head bowed, she prayed, “O, Allah! Thee are the master of our souls and the son you gave I return unto you. My Lord, am pleased with you, and be pleased to me. Forgive me for my sins and keep me steadfast and never leave me alone because thee is the Lord of the universe”. And then suddenly she struck the shackles and screamed in the mid of a dark night…… ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR…Both of them got afraid and did not dare to fish the child out of the water as his body was floating close to her. They hurriedly came out as the witch may not grab them.

Peter was so afraid that next morning his body temperature rose to 104 C. Then next day a party was sent to bring the child out of the water. Now she was released from the chains and the iron bracket was also removed which was hanging around her neck. The water in the cell was doffed of.

It was fifth year of companionship with this hardened criminal that had failed C.I.A. miserably. For these years the plastic bullets were fired which left marks on her body. Now it was decided to paralyse her permanently thus her kidney was removed, her nails were separated from the skin, her large intestine was dislodged, her teeth forsaken and on each count she would always yell for……… ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR !

On hearing these shouts a gun shot was fired on her. My beloved son, it is right there in the holy book of Muslims that Christians and the Jews can never be the friends of Muslims, hence any repentance on swiping cruelties on this stupid, skunk woman of Islam will be a futile prodigy.

One night we recorded her sentiments almost in the form of poetical verses of this injured nightingale, yet determined to fight back:

Stars on the sky are my tears
Glowing on the lake like chandeliers
Wounds are roses of all seasons
Painful tunes unfurling clarion
Death dancing with the evening
An infinite love thus raining
I am in the arms of God
Who saves from all the odds
My soul parting in His way
A sense of pride and a ray”

‘My dear Pa, but who is the terrorist in this episode’, asked the son inquisitively. ‘Of course the witch’, my son, said father. ‘If the Muslims kill your innocent son who breeds no animosity, what will you say to that?, asked the son. No, we want to eliminate all the Muslims from this piece of Earth to secure the Americans, the Jews and the Christians to live in peace. We are doing for the betterment of humanity’, replied father.

‘In my heart now I fully believe that there are no terrorists in the world except the Americans and if there is any that has been hatched by the Americans’, said the son. ‘But what is the name of this “Gray Lady of Bagram”? asked the son. ‘Doctor Aafia Siddiqui the ALLAHU AKBAR’. And in this starry night once again the sound ruffled in the air which caused earthquake on Bagram Air Port, compelling every body to hold their breath while leaving father bathed in sweat from top to the bottom. The screams after screams letting the wind read ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR..

Prem Raj

Posted by Isha Khan, who can be reached at


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Is this the truth? Was Aafia’s child killed? The worst interrogation ever…

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