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RAW’s Raw Rage
August 31, 2008, 12:54 pm
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RAW’s  Raw Rage
By Abid Bahar, Canada
“The Intellectual Blueprint of the Neo-Razakars” by Sohail Tajul Islam, published on August 25, 2008 by all accounts seem the Indian intelligence agency RAW’s (Research and Analysis Wing’s) raw rage against the contemporary rise of independent-minded and powerful Bangladeshis who are becoming conscious of who they are and what their countrymen Bangladeshis should be.

It worries the RAW that the former’s appeal is becoming both popular and powerful everyday. It worries the mischievous sprite that its attempt to deal with the lives of 150 million; to make them dependent on India will be futile. Thus, it labels some freedom fighters like Joinal Abedin and other Bangladeshi patriots as simply Razakars. Contrary to that MBI Munshi, Zaglul Hossain, Isha Khan, Zainal Abedin, Moin Ansari, Farhad Mazhar, Mahmudur Rahman, Prof. Mahbubullah, Prof. Ataur Rahman, Prof. Razia Banu, Shah Abdul Hannan and many others like them are doing great jobs to the nation to educate its citizens. Instead of denunciation, they deserve our encouragements and congratulations.

India Doctrine is not a myth; it was born with a brain to make people suffer for the sake of a chauvinistic nationalism called Brahmoism. When one reads the history of Bromo imperialism in South Asia, originally came from Nehru’s ideas, MBI Munshi’s book. India Doctrine makes sense. It is a timely contribution and will continue to remain a timeless handbook for south Asian readers until we see the end of Bromo imperialism in South Asia.

If Sohail Tajul Islam (who did so much detective work to trace the above people) is a college student in the Science program, he must have enough time and money to do intelligence work than his studies. It appears that he is an adult and skipping classes wouldn’t matter because he is doing something else than his studies. What seems more probable is that by using the name of a college student doing full time RAW job, the author of the article, student or not simply presented a rage and deserve to have a fail grade.

The article is a clear demonstration of a raw attempt by the RAW to mislead Bangladeshis with the familiar AL slogan of “Razakar.” This is not hard to understand to the fish eating Bangladeshis that if there is one real Sohail, he must be an adult RAW operative with several names, one of which is a convenient name called Sohail Tajul Islam. RAW operatives should take note that this old trick doesn’t work with Bangladeshis who fought three wars; the first one was against the British, the second against Pakistan and now fighting a cold war with India. As opposed to the Bangladeshis, India fought only one war, against the British. Bangladeshis are recommended to buy MBI Munshi’s famous book to understand the intellectual blue print of the INDIAN aspirations.

To deal with our present and future, Bangladeshis should be careful more with the Neo- Indi-Razakars than the RAW manufactured slogan “Razakar” used by the pro-Indian local agents to put down our freedom fighters. The ever growing number of freedom fighters against Indian hegemony are ready to give their lives to save the motherland.


Soheil Tajul Islam, The Intellectual Blueprint of the Neo-Razakars,

Zoglul Husain, A promoter of Indian Hegemonism in Bangladesh,

By Abid Bahar
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