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Defending The Idea Of India
October 30, 2008, 4:42 pm
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Defending The Idea Of India

The two day national convention – Countering Fascist Forces: Defending the Idea of India, 25-26 October 2008- was attended by over 750 activists’ and intellectuals from 18 states (Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Delhi, Harayana, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, J & K, Punjab, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh).


The urgency to intervene in defence of democracy, secularism and justice has never been more pressing than in the conditions prevailing in the country today.

The rise of communal fascism has emerged as a threat not only to its immediate victims but to the very long-term survival of India as a unified nation of diverse religious, linguistic and ethnic groups. The mysterious and condemnable acts of terrorism that have shaken different parts of the country have engendered a climate of fear, insecurity and fuelled the politics of communal division.

In recent months, vicious attacks have been mounted across India against religious minorities by Hindutva fascist organizations and communalism has even become the dominant tenor of public discourse. In Maharashtra the regional chauvinist forces of Bal and Raj Thackeray, both offsprings of the Hindutva politics of hate, has targeted north Indians in a bid to drive them out of the state.

The BJP, RSS and their allies in the Sangh Parivar have mounted a vicious campaign against the Christian community across India. Orissa and over 10 states have seen violent attacks on the Christian community, their institutions, religious places, property and businesses on the basis of fabricated stories and hate campaigns.

Throughout the country Muslim youth are being targeted, without any or little evidence, as responsible for the various bomb blasts taking place in the country. There is a concerted attempt by the Indian police, intelligence agencies and certain political parties to portray all members of the Muslim community as ‘terrorists and extremists’ – to be arbitrarily arrested, tortured and killed in fake encounters. Sections of the media instead of investigating the truth are blindly parroting these sensational and unsubstantiated claims.

Even more disturbingly the accused are being systematically denied their basic right to legal defence by some bar associations themselves which have threatened, expelled and even violently attacked lawyers brave enough to take up these cases. The Indian judiciary has failed to take suo moto cognizance of such attacks as being contempt of court.

All this while hard evidence available against Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other Sangh outfits of their direct involvement in terror attacks is not only being ignored but actively pushed under the carpet by the Indian state. The Hindutva terrorist groups like the Bajrang Dal are openly claiming responsibility for this communal violence against Christians and are yet being allowed to go scot-free.

There is a growing feeling among religious minority communities that the Indian state and judiciary is biased against them and unwilling to provide impartial justice even in cases such as the demolition of the Babri Masjid. No action has been taken on the recommendations of the Srikrishna Commission report following the anti-Muslim pogrom in Mumbai of 1993. On the other hand some members of the judiciary are now willing to be puppets of communal forces, a dangerous trend set by the Nanavati Commission, which has exonerated the Narendra Modi government of responsibility for the Gujarat Genocide of 2002.

Instead of confronting these fascist forces the Indian state is cracking down hard on ‘soft targets’ like human rights and social activists. The fundamental rights of life, liberty, freedom of speech, religion and dissent guaranteed to all citizens by the Indian Constitution are being shred to pieces right in front of our eyes.

Entire swathes of the Indian North-East and Kashmir are covered by the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) that authorises even the lowest soldier to shoot and kill civilians on mere suspicion of their being ‘militants’. In Chhattisgarh, large numbers of citizens continue to be detained using the highly restrictive Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act (CSPSA). Those defending the rights of the poor, Dalit, Adivasis and other marginalised people are being falsely branded as ‘extremists’ and ‘anti-nationals’. The state sponsored, unconstitutional ‘Salwa Judum’ campaign, which has unleashed horrific violence on innocent tribal populations over the past four years in the name of countering Maoism, is being justified by none other than the National Human Rights Commission itself.

All this is happening even as the forces of imperialism led by the United States, under the pretext of the so-called Global War on Terror, are busy re-colonising entire nations from Iraq to Afghanistan and are now targeting Pakistan in the immediate neighbourhood of India. The global media is contributing to this politics of hatred by demonizing Muslims worldwide and frightening ordinary citizens into giving up their basic democratic rights everywhere.

Within the country, the pattern of elitist development has turned a vast majority of the population into second-class citizens, reinforcing with misguided policies the apartheid of the ancient and racist caste system. The ghost of the East India Company, buried long ago, is being resurrected in myriad forms and those who run the Indian state are willfully abetting the return of a neo-colonial order.

It is a state of affairs that calls upon all those who value Indian independence, democratic rights and social justice to come forward, take responsibility and resist the onslaught by fascist and imperialist forces on the foundations of our national values and existence. We also urge all anti-communal activists and secular political parties to forge alliance to defeat fascism and communalism. We, the delegates and participants of the National Convention on Countering Fascism: Defending the Idea of India in New Delhi held on 25-26 October 2008 resolve as follows to:

1) Call for the resignation of Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India for his abject failure to prevent bomb attacks in major Indian cities; take action against Hindutva terrorists despite evidence provided to him by civil society groups; stop the Sangh Parivar’s attacks on Christian populations in Orissa, Karnataka and other parts of India; and for using fake police encounters and false evidence against Muslim youth to save his political career;

2) Call for the dismissal of M.K.Narayanan, National Security Adviser for incompetence and all the intelligence lapses leading to rise in to both terrorist and communal violence;

3) Demand prosecution of all members of the Bharatiya Janata Party and ABVP who have links with Hindutva terrorist organisations, such as the ones implicated in the Malegaon bomb blasts.

4) Condemn the UPA government for falling prey to the Hindutva agenda while paying lip service to secularism. 

5) Demand the setting up of a time-bound judicial inquiry into the Jamia Nagar ‘encounter’ headed by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court;

6) Review major cases of ‘terrorist’ attacks and immediately release those against whom there is no evidence of any kind; implementation of NHRC instruction regarding independent investigation into all deaths in police custody and in police encounters over the last 5 years;

7) Call for a ban on RSS, the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad for terrorist, anti-national activities and seizure of their national and international assets; a White Paper on the terrorist activities of these organizations;

8) Demand the presentation of a White Paper on the scope of India’s “war on terrorism” and the level of its cooperation and collaboration with the US-led war on terror;

9) Enact the Communal Violence Bill after thorough revision in consultation with citizen’s bodies, human rights groups and anti-communal organisations across India;

10) Provide immediate relief and compensation to the victims of communal terrorism in Orissa and other states including reconstruction of destroyed private property and restoration of livelihood. Set up a permanent statutory body to deal with such issues in future.

11) Demand the formation of a strong statutory body like election commission (or extend the scope of the EC) to monitor pre-election conduct of political parties and their leaders which generally leads up to polarization of vote banks. Such a body should have a right to disqualify party and/or its functionaries or elected representatives in the legislature in the wake of a breach of conduct;

12) The immediate release of Human Rights Defenders, such as Dr Binayak Sen, who have been arrested for exposing police atrocities and state violence against innocent citizens.

13) Demand a White Paper on misuse of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Kashmir and the Indian North-East and the immediate withdrawal; search for a political rather than military solution to the Kashmir problem;

14) A national commission of inquiry into the misuse of special security laws by the police to arrest members of the minority community in false cases of terroris

Convention Organised by:


Academy of Public Understanding of Science, All India Christian Council, All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, All India Quami Mahaz, All India Secular Forum, Alternatives, Aman Biradari, Aman Samudaya, ANHAD, Antarik Visthapit Hak Rakshak Samiti, Anweshi, Arya Samaj, ASHA Pariwar, Ashraya Adhikar Abhiyan, Asmita Collective, Awaz e- Niswana, Bandhua Mukti Morcha, Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, Bihar Social Institute, BUILD, Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms, Centre for Youth Development and Activities, Chattisgarh Jan Vigyan Vikas Sangthan, Centre for Information, Training, Research and Action, Commission for Religious Harmony, Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights ,, Centre for Studies in Society and Secularism, Danish Publishers, Darpana Academy, Disha Social Organization , Ekta, Foundation for Educational Innovations in Asia, Global Gandhi Forum, GRAVIS, Holy Cross Convent, Human Rights Law Network, Indian Social Institute, Indian Social Action Forum ,INSAF Bulletin, Institute for Minority Women, Institute for Social Democracy, Jadugoda, Janadhikar Samuh, Jananeethi, Janvikas, JUDAV, Lok Sangharsh Morcha, Lokshakti Abhiyan, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, MASUM, Media Action Group, Medico Friend Circle, Minorities Council, Muslim Women’s Forum, National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights, National Economic Forum for Muslims, Nazareth Mahila Samiti, NCHRO, Nishan, North East Support Centre & Helpline, Orissa Development Action Forum, Orissa Seek, Save & Development Society, Oxfam India, Popular Education & Action Centre ,People’s Movement against Nuclear Energy, People’s Research Society, People’s Watch, PRASHANT, Religious Harmony Commission (CBCI), Roshan Vikas, Saheli, Sahrwaru, Sajhi Duniya, Sama, Samarpan, Sanchetana, Sandarbh, Sangat, Sarva Dharam Sansad, Shambhavi, South Asia Citizens Web, South Asians for Human Rights , SUTRA, Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, Udayan, Urja Ghar, Vikas Adhyan Kendra, Yuv Shakti


Does India – U.S. alliance threaten South Asia?
October 28, 2008, 10:08 am
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Does India – U.S. alliance threaten South Asia?

By Dimuth Gunawardena

“The peace dividend for South Asia is the creation of new hope & opportunity for its billion and half people…….” -Hon. Atal Bihari Vajpayee – former Prime Minister of India

Sri Lanka is on the verge of destroying the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world. Even the most extreme elements in the South of Sri Lanka accept that upon completion of this task certain genuine grievances of the Tamil people and a certain degree of devolution envisaged in the current constitution should be implemented in the Northern Province as it is now being done successfully done in the Island’s East. India knows all this too well. Nevertheless New Delhi and explicitly its South Indian clique is again attempting to repeat their attempts of 1987 save LTTE which is on the verge of defeat.

Sri Lankans have a right to decide their own future free any more foreign interference. They have suffered enough for the past 25 years because of Indian meddling the island’s internal affairs. The time has some to say enough is enough categorically and firmly.

Much has been written about India’s gross interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and violation of her sovereignty and territorial integrity in the recent past supposedly due to political pressure from Tamil-Nadu. However it is important for all Sri Lankans to comprehend and appreciate the behaviour of Indian politicians in a more holistic context, India has a very loose and fragile regional federal structure (unlike the strong federal systems of government in their new found western allies like USA).

Furthermore the fundamental psychology of India’s foreign service and intelligence services operating in the region must be clearly understood.

The contemporary developments in the region merit a complete re-evaluation of regional bilateral and multilateral policies that all SAARC countries follow vis-à-vis their giant superpower and neighbour India.

In Sri Lanka’s case, India’s strategic objectives has been satisfied with most Sri Lankan’s being absolutely ignorant and unaware of the real status quo – Sri Lanka’s Governments “flying to brief” New Delhi and Sri Lanka Government’s readiness to meet India’s wishes.

Even world powers with the exception of China of course, never dare interfere on India’s decisions on Sri Lanka. The trade between Sri Lanka & India places the latter at a greater advantage even where the Free Trade Agreements are concerned. Under the Free Trade Agreement between the two. (24-25 % of Sri Lanka’s imports come from India. And this excludes contraband like sarees, gold, drugs etc. If these added they would change the percentage significantly).

In US$ millions

Indians can travel to Sri Lanka without a visa while Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry has not demanded reciprocal gestures from India.

It has been to India’s advantage that the bulk of Sri Lanka’s domestic commerce is again in Indian hands. This too can be used as a strategic tool when the need arises. India has also ensured that it has in Sri Lanka a group of errant politicians, corrupt public officers and diplomats, powerful mainstream political parties like Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC), Up Country Peoples Liberation Front (UPLF), and even the LTTE proxies like the so-called Tamil National Alliance (TNA) chirping in India’s favour.

India’s RAW has even been able to control various INGO celebrities and even some sections of the so called free Media to comment in support of India’s involvement direct or otherwise in Sri Lanka.

What can we expect if the Government of Sri Lanka’s resolves to give India complete economic and political facilities in the strategically significant Northern and Eastern provinces? Could the Government of Sri Lanka not be aware of the implications of allowing India to economically control two of the most significant regions that India had been eyeing for so long? The KKS Cement plant, the Trincomalee Harbour and the oil tank farm, mineral sands in Pulmoddai (some of which can be refined into Thorium) and oil exploration in Mannar basin…etc reflect the importance of these regions. RAW also made deep inroads to newly emerging political forces in these provinces too. These include the TULF and TMVP in what could be seen as a deliberate move to control the vital Northern and Eastern Provinces as a response to Chinese investment in Hambantota.

With all this being the case India’s certain errant strategic policy makes still believe that it is to the advantage of Delhi and her new found U.S. and other Western Allies such as France to keep Sri Lanka permanently on the boil. Can this be permitted? Why should it be so?

In considering the strategic importance of Sri Lanka to India, there is also the need to look deeper into the reliance India places on energy and power as a tool of control and these are the interests that spurs India’s ambitions to control the energy and power sectors of her neighbours like Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh.

Could it be sheer coincidence that the issue of Katchativu islet that India conceded to Sri Lanka has resurfaced with India accusing Sri Lankan Navy of harassing Indian fisherman in the vicinity? Let us view this new attitude from the point of view of India’s nuclear plants (for military & civilian purposes) coming around Sri Lanka, in Goa, Cochin, Ennore, Chennai Vizzak and even Nagappatnam all in the back yard of the so called “Eelam” which may one day could well be India’s Chernobyl. Sethu Samudram Canal Project (SSCP) is more of a military project to protect these high security zones by Naval patrolling rather than a civilian commercial project as it has been made out to be. As a matter of fact SSCP is all about India’s Submarine Base in Ramanathapuram. Kachchativu not under Indian control but is too close for comfort for this whole grand design.

As a matter of fact some Sri Lankans naively talk about a nuclear free zone in the region. Hence the Tamil Nadu politicians singing their Katchatvu ‘song.’ If ever India goes to war with any of her enemies I hope Sri Lankans know that stray missiles will all rain on them. Therefore Sri Lanka should not get tied down to any agreement with India on Kachchativu at this juncture. There should be no repeat of what happened with Trincomalee under the Indo-Lanka Accord. Perhaps Sri Lanka having listening post on Katchativu with China’s collaboration might not at all be bad idea considering India current interference in Sri Lankan affairs.

Therefore in this context the LTTE’s total disappearance from the political scene would be of distinct disadvantage to India’s long term strategic objectives. Now we come to the real paradox of India’s Sri Lanka policy. The LTTE, the baby they gave birth to and fed, and allowed it to kill more than 2,000 of their own Indian soldiers and also their own Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi have now evolved to be a powerful Global Suicide Terror Organization led by Prabakaran and Pottu Amman – both wanted men on Indian soil.

It is intriguing to know how the RAW, their initial handlers will find a way out of this dilemma – Will it be a case of helping the Government of Sri Lanka kill the LTTE’s current leadership and replace it with a more India friendly 2nd tier leadership but still force the Sri Lankan Government to hand over that “Eelam” territory? Such a move perfectly fills the India-USA allied strategic objectives in the Indian Ocean. Filling this void must be the next task of the RAW. India cannot allow a 3rd Navy and 3rd Air force, under the LTTE, due to India’s own regional strategic objectives and thus these too will have to be destroyed by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Hence the Indian manned radar systems no matter the opposition of Tamil Nadu politicians.

This is why we should not be too surprised over Karunanidhi and his boys agitating over Sri Lanka’s Tamils – the New Delhi’s nod of approval must have been silently given for the present agitation which never arose when the IPKF went on a rampage killing and raping innocent Tamil civilians – was that not some form of “genocide”? We are all aware that these crocodile tears will never materialise in any of them actually giving up their status as MPs. All the Tamil Nadu MPs have been guilty of following pro-LTTE stands – ‘Vaiko’ Gopalaswamy one of the LTTE’s strongest supporters who has been arrested – for the 2nd time.

Before discussing further as to why a country like Sri Lanka needs to seriously re-evaluate its policy since independence especially the policy towards India and the SAARC member nations of which it is the Chairman, let us examine policy of de stabilization in the region carried out by India’s intelligence agency the RAW.

Amidst the Indo-Lanka crisis breaking out we saw newspaper reports of the arrival in Sri Lanka of a RAW big wig by the name of S. Chandrasekaran, alias Chandran (Who was an LTTE handler) who coordinated several terror attacks and civilian massacres such as the Anuradhapura massacre of innocent pilgrims. But this should have come as hardly a surprise to the people of Sri Lanka. The fact that he has been operating in Tamil Nadu to facilitate the bail out of the LTTE also should not come as a surprise. The RAW has played a far more significant role in all regional conflicts and terror organizations than what has been thus acknowledged. These reports however do not mention Chandran’s other accomplices in the RAW like B.Raman…etc whose names have been previously mentioned in news reports as being instrumental in various civilian massacres using – in addition to LTTE – organizations like EPRLF.

“Stephen Phillip Cohen” in his career as a South Asian Political Scientist and one who strongly lobbied within the US for the current US-Indian Political & Strategic Military Alliance was responsible for the deep influence he had on most of the modern Indian strategic thinkers and policy makers. One such person who was heavily influenced by Stephen and specifically one of his works on “Brahamin-Kshatriya relationship of India” was “Swarna Rajagopalan”. Who in the writings titled “Security Ideas in the Valmik Ramayana” illustrates the Indian policy makers thought process and gives a better understanding for the reasons for its regional hegemony.

“Today, if any of us were to see our destiny as lying along the path engagement with others outside the region as well as with our neighbours within South Asia, it cannot reasonably be argued that thereby South Asian unity would be denied or diminished……..” Late Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar – Former Minister of Foreign affairs, Sri Lanka assassinated by the LTTE.

According to the “Jain Commission” report on the killing of former Premier Rajiv Gandhi it becomes amply clear of the RAW hand in the whole sordid affair of cross border global terrorism – networks financed by intelligence operatives. It has also created major politically dissenting movements in poor neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and even Pakistan.

Seeking regional expansionist hegemony and its ambition as a major global actor – since independence – has been a corner stone of Indian foreign policy. India’s dirty work has always been delivered by the RAW. One must keep in mind that perhaps officers like N.K. Narayanan who is the current National Security Advisor under whose purview agencies like the RAW currently comes under was in late 1980’s officially assigned as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau in Tamil Nadu had close links with all terrorist group in Sri Lanka as well as Tamil Nadu politicians from MGR to Karunanadhi and even personally attended to Prabakaran’s visit from Tamil Nadu to New Delhi. (“Assignment Colombo”by J.N. Dixit) Hence his famous statement Sri Lanka will win the battle against the Tamil Tigers but not the war as they haven’t got the Tamils on to their side” sets in motion the current chain of events in India.

The RAW had a major role to play in the Tibetan dissident movements of China and the pro-democracy movements in Myanmar due the the Military junta’s closeness to China. In Bangladesh the RAW has been involved with destabilisation of the country since 1965. They created a network of ‘Separatist Teroriist Cells’ all over the country. RAW set up training camps in India – camps that trained the LTTE & “Mukti Mahimi’s” men, (reference “RAW & Bangladesh” by Zainal Abedin) preparing for the arrival of Indian troops into that country. Over the years they also created several other terrorist forces in Bangladesh such as “The Shanti Bahini” for fighting between Hindu’s & Buddhist’s tribesmen thus keeping the Bengali military fully occupied. In Bhutan the RAW created an ethnic crisis led by people of Nepalese origin.

In Nepal itself just like in Sri Lanka, the RAW follows an active policy of pushing pro-Indian Nepalese politician on their pay roll to the forefront of the political sphere in order to make Nepal an official Hindi state as a prelude to merging with India in the future. RAW quite successfully followed this strategy in Sikkim (the tiny Himalayan state bordering Bhutan). RAW was actually able to use various groups to oppose Chohyal and actually merge with the Indian Union in 1975.

In the Maldives the Gayoom government was contemplating handing over the “Marao Islands” to the Chinese govt. who could have used it as a submarine base for 5 submarine battle groups and two aircraft carrier battle groups enabling the launching of Feng-44 missiles. Here in Maldives however more than any other South Asian country the RAW had engineered the ultimate coup through one of the RAW funded terrorist groups called the EPRLF. India was at hand to help, and Gayoom was eternally grateful and till today the Chinese base in Marao Islands remain only but a pipe dream.

The only country in the region with counter intelligence capability of any form to counter the threats from the RAW activities is the Pakistani ISI, however Pakistan has been the biggest recipient of terror attacks, subversion, political and judicial dissent orchestrated by the RAW again but specific details will require a longer version of this article. If one were to weigh the activities of ISI activities of subversion against India against those committed by RAW against Pakistan the scale will be heavily tilted on to the RAW.

Today Pakistan is being bombed in its Afghanistan border by US and NATO forces indiscriminately, under the guise of attacking Al-Qaeda and the Taliban these American forces on the instructions of some 10,000 Indian troops currently operating in Afghanistan (part of military force of 150,000 Indian troops to be stationed in Afghanistan in the US-Indian plan to encircle Pakistan) are effectively eroding the power of Pakistan’s federal government has over its border provinces. If one were to study the sequence of events form the time of Mushraff firing the Pakistani Chief Justice and clashes with the judiciary to the assassination of Bhutto to the weak pro-western Zadari and Giliani where the end result is the break of the Islamic state one could now see similar agenda being carried out in Sri Lanka. Perhaps one day we will see all the federal political forces of Sri Lanka rallying round a populist retired judge as a presidential candidate to carry out the agendas the LTTE cannot get on a negotiating table through a political executive and legislative power with Indian auspices. Let me quote from an article titled “The Destabilisation of Pakistan” by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research

Quote… “Washington will push for a compliant political leadership with no commitment to the national interest, a leadership which will serve US imperial interests, while concurrently contributing under the disguise of “Decentralization”, to the weakening of the central government and the fracture of Pakistan’s fragile federal structure…..US Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence official justification and pretext …to extend “war on terrorism”. Concurrently, to justify its counter –terrorism program, Washington is also beefing up its covert support to the terrorists………..”

If these are the games of USA on Pakistan then what must their ally India be up to in Pakistan. The RAW together with CIA operatives in the region was instrumental in setting up and sponsoring the perfect terrorist group for this plan in “Tehrik Taliban Pakistan” (TTP).

These are the machinations unparalleled and unseen anywhere in the world, with the exception of USA and its manipulation of Cuba such as the Bay of Pigs invasion. India has to and should behave like the great power she really and truly is.

“The United Front Government’s neighbourhood policy now stands on five basic principles, first with neighbours like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, India does not ask for reciprocity but but gives all that it can in good faith and trust, Secondly no South Asian country will allow its territory to be used against the interest of another country of region, Thirdly none will interfere in the internal affairs of another, Fourthly all South Asians must respect each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and finally they will settle all their disputes through peaceful, bilateral negotiations…..” Hon. I. K. Gujral Former Minister of External Affairs at the Royal Institute of International Affairs/ London.

One of the best strategic thinkers in India “Kanti Bajpai” has described three schools of Indian Strategic thought. The paradigms briefly are Nehruvian School, Neoliberal School, and the Hyperealist School. Fundamental to Neruvianism is argument that people come to understand each other better and thereby make and sustain peace. They believe that in the International system the threat of war to settle disputes is but only as a last resort.

Neoliberals accept the characterisation of international relations as a state of war and coercion important role in their world, while hyperrealists believe the surest way of achieving peace, and stability is by the accumulation of military power and the willingness to use force.

The last few years saw the growth of the two latter schools of thought within the Indian Public and Foreign services and hence it’s behaviour towards its neighbours. Everybody knows that the warships sent to Sri Lankan territorial waters during the SAARC summit in Colombo was not to protect the Indian PM from their own LTTE but the usual Indian “Gunboat” diplomacy (like in 1987 airdrop, and fleets that came to Sri Lankans waters) of flexing it’s muscles and sending messages to a defiant Sri Lankan President to behave himself and any fancy ideas that countries like Russia, China or Pakistan may have of getting too close to Sri Lanka.

India’s nuclear agenda too should be cause of great concern to her neighbourhood. The “Nuclear Suppliers Group” of 45 countries, which up until now had barred any nation that refused to accept international nuclear standards wilted under tremendous pressure from the new western alliance of Bush-Sarkozy. This position reversed even the penalties in the event of resumption nuclear testing by India too has not been clarified with regards to regional stability and coexistence. Dangers of proliferation by terrorists like what happened to India just before signing of the accords poses significant threats to its neighbours.

If India espouses to provide security to all of the Indian Ocean and is to genuinely win over its neighbourhood as it slowly matures into a great power that she really is, then she must rethink some of her foreign policy options with her neighbours. For India to respond to regional strategic threats to her defences like Gwadur, Chittagong, Hambanthota with the kind of Air bases in Tajikistan, they do not come with an “everything for me, nothing for you” policy but more of a “win-win” with a lot of mutual trust that is built up over time. Mutual consultation and diplomatic compromise cannot be one sided however powerful one maybe, One cannot replace constructive engagement with acts of browbeat and manipulations on the world stage in anyway.

If the rest of the South Asian countries (Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, & the Maldives) together with China and Myanmar do not wake up to the impending disaster on them by this “US-Indian alliance” most countries will be splintered into tiny pieces and will most surely become protectorates of the greater Indian Union…………

Sri Lanka should now call for Karunanadhi and his 50 of so MP’s to honour their deadline and their promise of resignation without now changing their usual face saving acts of deceit. Sri Lanka should also seriously reconsider to join “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation”(SCO) without any further delay in face of the threat she is facing from India.

But she must be sensitive to the domestic political compulsions of the Indian governments while at the same time making clear distinction between friendly advice and diplomatic Demarche’s using flimsy excuses. One cannot keep out “international players in the backyard” simply by paying lip service to the needs of Sri Lanka.

There is much more than meets the eye where Indian foreign policy is concerned. SAARC members have suffered greatly as a result of the hunger for India to dominate the region. It behoves all sovereign Governments to ensure they do not sleep with the enemy and develop a plan on how to counter India’s covert operations that has done little good to the region including India itself which is presently having to deal with terrorism in its most brutal forms. Delhi seems clueless on how to handle it though it perfected the art of creating terror in neighbouring countries.

If India is not interested in creating a separate state in Sri Lanka, then Sri Lanka needs a categorical assurance that it will not use the LTTE as a destabilisation force in the country.

If India takes the position that her neighbours take “Belligerent anti-Indian positions” in their dealing with her due to “bellicose patriotism” peace and prosperity would no doubt would be the furthest thing for all the people of South Asia. India needs to lead the way in cultivating TRUST, understanding, benevolence, harmony and peaceful coexistence with all its neighbours. It must display its maturity as a world power in dealing with all its smaller neighbours

Perhaps The Chinese and Indian Prime Ministers should have in their agenda South Asian Stability and Peaceful coexistence, besides common border issues and bilateral economic cooperation during the forthcoming visit to China by the Indian PM…………

Isha Khan

High Time India Quit Kashmir
October 26, 2008, 8:22 pm
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High Time India Quit Kashmir


Indian nasty mindset of annexation is too alarming that its neighbors should be really worried about the long term ramifications of Indian reckless armaments, especially with US supplying the needy “things”. Manmohan has done enough damage, i.e.., ground work for the growth of capitalism and imperialism in India and his successors would pursue the same further, but gradually India would become an agent of USA. Plus, the communal forces operating under the garb of political outfits would destroy the country’s harmony, however, weak it maybe. On understanding, the communal elements would be let come to power by Congress party whose anti-Muslim agenda is now explicit.  India’s continued occupation of Jammu Kashmir is not in the interest of neither the region nor SAARC welfare and its heavy armament programs under US shield is a sign of Indian hidden destructive intents.


Historically speaking, fascism, like capitalism and imperialism both classic and neo-, does not admit any scope for counseling or advise and it needs to routed completely, as Soviet Russia did to German fascism  thereby closing the disastrous WWII.      With new vistas in armaments, India is still looking for avenues to invade and annex some more alien lands and credited to Indian Union account. South Asian nations should be wary about Indian weaponization programs with the help of the global terrorist sate USA

 Terrorist colonizer India has been trying all tricks, learnt from the former Western colonizer UK, to silence the unwilling Kashmiris who demand freedom from Indian genocide and terror military rule through a band of pro-Indian elements controlled by Indian intelligence agencies. Knowing fully well the present critical situation in JK, and overlooking the recent pro-freedom protests in Kashmir valley, the Election Commission has decided to hold elections in the state in seven phases so that Indian terror forces could effectively control and terrorize the defenseless Kashmiris. The last phase elections would be held on December 24.



JK Polls for Indian Terror Legitimacy


In spite of protests and strong opposition from Kashmiris, the poll preparations in JK by the terrorist illegal Indian occupants have begun in the state, disregarding opposition by the people. Only Reserve Bank money bags are yet to arrive from different political parties from India and Indian government.



Pro-India politicians in Jammu Kashmir are focused on the material benefits for themselves by supporting the Indian agenda, both open and hidden. On Oct 22 kicking off election campaign from central Kashmir, Omar Abdullah President National Conference (NC), a close ally of communal Hindu BJP (both demanded polls against the will and wishes of Kashmiris), has acknowledged the freedom leaders’ right to launch parallel campaign against elections. Fortunately, he does not oppose it. He, however, added that the elections had no bearing on the legal status of Kashmir issue and “India and Pakistan alone can settle this dispute, local actors better focus developmental issues.” In fact Omar has kicked off not just the JK poll campaign, but the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and their sacrifices made so far in that direction. Pakistani President Zardari has already slammed the “terrorists in Jammu Kashmir”, and leaving the Kashmir issue to both terrorist India and somewhat confusing Pakistan, the freedom struggle is likely to suffer the worst possible causalities. It is shameful that these pro-India Kashmiris politicians could even think of lambasting the freedom struggle just for few Reserve Bank coins t be deposited in Swiss Bank. These leaders, irrespective of their color of flags, have pocketed Indian money and Kashmir development remained a dream, but destruction and genocide continued. India has taken massacre of Kashmiris as its birth right. Despite the suppression of people both by India and JK pro-India agents, Kashmiris have taken up the freedom cause and thee pro-India leaders have to realize that their days are over.  



The announcement of the polls in JK has come as a surprise to the people of valley, who feel that it is not the opportune time for elections as the valley has witnessed the biggest pro-independence demonstration of the last two decades. Now that the poll dates have been announced, regional political parties have come out with their response. As expected the pro-India politicians have welcomed the Indian move.  Welcoming the announcement of elections in the state National Conference (NC) president Omar Abdullah said he was glad that the suspense over the announcement of polls ended. “How good or bad the decision is, time will tell. Now we can think to get down to the process of electioneering”. 


As expected, the freedom movement leaders whom the Indian as well as Kashmir media shameless call, without knowing the history of Jammu Kashmir, as so-called “separatists” although it India which plays the separatist and destructive role in Jammu Kashmir,  have shown strong resentment towards the decision. All Parties Hurriat Conference has rightly described the announcement as another election drama in Jammu & Kashmir. Chairman Side Ali Gianni, who is currently undergoing treatment at New Delhi, has said elections are meaningless for the people of Kashmir till they achieved freedom. While the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Mohammad Basin Mali said that the struggle of Kashmiri people was aimed at resolving the Kashmir dispute and not for holding elections. 
Issues pertaining to the assembly elections were discussed threadbare at the meeting at Rajbagh headquarters of the Amalgam. Terming the election as an attempt to “hoodwink” international community and impress upon world that people are exercise their franchise under Indian rule, Hurriyat Conference led Mirwaiz Umer Farooq Wednesday announced to launch vigorous boycott campaign to acquaint people about “hidden agenda’s by New Delhi.” the amalgam has decided to launch house to house election boycott campaign to inform people about the ‘ill effects’ of the elections on the Kashmir struggle. Mirwaiz also urged people to distance themselves from the “futile exercise” to express solidarity with the “martyrs”.  

In fact, most of the mainstream parties too had earlier called for the postponement of the assembly elections in state saying time is not ripe for the poll process.  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) openly said it would not favor elections in the state, its rival National Conference, unsure of winning the polls, was in dilemma over the poll issue and wanted Election Commission to immediately decide in favor of or against holding the elections. The Indian communal national political party, BJP, however, was strongly advocating for timely polls in the state so as to make most of the communal sentiment it succeeded in whipping up in the winter capital of the state.  But now, a speculated on the basis of their past “records”, most of the pro-Indian outfits have sided with Indian agenda.


By voting with the pro-India politicians, the Kashmiris would offer the Indian oppressors and terrorists who killed about one lakh defenseless Kashmiris an opportunity to defend themselves with the popular mandate to rule them. India and its agents in Jammu Kashmir would also defend their oppressive measures including the genocide of freedom seeking Kashmiris. No doubt, the senior most Hurriat leader Syed Ali Geelani has become symbol of freedom movement for his principled stand and assured all out support to him on behalf of the British Kashmiri community.



In Kashmir October 27 will be observed as Black Day to convey to the international community that Kashmiris reject India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly the Kashmiri Diaspora has decided to mark the day as protest day to force occupying “democratic” India to vacate Jammu Kashmir voluntarily. Three-e-Kashmir UK has appealed to Pakistani and Kashmiri community to join the organization at an anti- India rally to be held in front of Indian High Commission in London on the occasion of 61st anniversary of Kashmir’s military occupation. People of Kashmir have brought the freedom movement to present stage by offering 100,000 precious lives and they will continue to offer more sacrifices till the desired goal is achieved. They paid great tribute to Geelani for leading the Kashmiri peoples’ struggle with courage and determination.


Unified Jammu Kashmir



India in fact believes in deciding all disputes by military means. Kashmiris seek freedom and a unified Kashmir that would exist independently. Unfortunately the division of Kashmir was linked to partition of India. How could India and UK bring Jammu Kashmir in their disputes? UK supported Indian position. The partition was therefore mostly one-sided affairs with India equipped with British military apparatus left behind by the English occupiers, could easily dictate terms to Pakistan. The accession of Junagadh, Hyderabad and Jammu Kashmir, however, severely strained relations between the two countries. Junagadh had a Muslim ruler but the vast majority of its people were Hindus, and it was geographically not contiguous to Pakistan. The ruler acceded to Pakistan, but India, as was only to be expected, refused to acquiesce in Junagadh’s accession to Pakistan and forced the issue by military means. The ruler of Hyderabad, the Nizam, was a Muslim but the overwhelming majority of his subjects were Hindus, and the state was surrounded by Indian Territory. India refused to let Hyderabad declare its independence as well. Eventually, India invaded Hyderabad and annexed it by force in September 1948, a few days after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam.


The Jammu Hindu maharaja played havoc in making Kashmiris slaves to his Indian masters. The overwhelming majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir were Muslims while the ruler was a Hindu. The state was geographically contiguous and culturally closer to Pakistan. There was no road link between India and Kashmir except through o district, which had a Muslim majority and which had been provisionally included in Pakistan under the partition plan of June 3, 1947. But Gurdaspur was added to India in the boundary award announced on August 17, 1947. Obviously, Pakistan was annoyed. In the same month, there were demonstrations in Poonch against the Maharaja’s contemplated move to join India. The Indian state troops fired upon the demonstrators, inflicting heavy casualties.. The people who had suffered under Dogra rule for so long rose in open revolt against the Maharaja’s autocratic rule. The Indian fire still continues and many Muslims are getting killed day by day in Kashmir on fictitious pretexts.  



Cross Border Trade (CBT)  

This part of the world is witnessing a new trend known as cross border trade against the prevailing cross border terrorism perpetuated by India to retain its terror control over Jammu Kashmir. One is not very sure, if the new Governor is indeed seeking freedom for both Kashmir and India mutually, but the forced poll announcement by him regime is not suggesting that India is heading for a peaceful atmosphere in the region and for a cooperative settlement.



Governor Vera could have felt the surge of human emotions of Kashmiris held over thus far tactfully by Indian terrorist techniques. On the launch of cross-Loc trade on Tuesday, the Kaman Bridge connecting the divided parts of Kashmir witnessed emotional scenes. When people on the other side of Loc saw traders approaching the Kaman Bridge, they failed to control their emotions and raised slogans in favor of Kashmir’s unity. The mood on this side too was extremely charged up with people waiving hands as a gesture depicting their happiness over the start of cross-Loc trade. One of the persons on this side broke down when he glanced at the other side of Loc. He remembered his brother, who was killed in 1990by arrogant Indian terror forces just for fun while making an attempt to cross the Loc.



White doves of peace were released as 14 Pakistani trucks bedecked with the national flag crossed a bridge into occupied Kashmir carrying rice, onions and dried fruit. A convoy of 13 trucks carrying mostly apples set off on a historic trip to as ad Kashmir from the Indian-held Kashmir. These acts of mutual concerns and reciprocated warmth set the tone for not only the emergence of Kashmir as an independent nation to exist in between India and Pakistan, but also the coming closer of Indo-Pakistan sentiments, though India symbol of No13 does not argue against any positive outcome form this mutual gestures. School children and people on the Pakistan side raised slogans “Kashmir will become Pakistan,” and “Long Live Kashmir freedom movement.”


The opening of the trade route after nearly 60 years has brought some hopes for Kashmiris on the both sides of the “Indian” made divide and has been a key demand of occupied Kashmiri leaders. Kashmiri truckers from both sides said they were delighted about the resumption of trade. “It is a historic day which will surely help the economy of both parts of Kashmir,” said occupied Kashmir’s Governor NN Vera, as he flagged off the convoy from Salamabad, 12 kilometres (seven miles) from the Line of Control. Speaking on the other side of border, Azad Kashmir’s Prime Minister Atiqur Rehman said he also hoped the event will “help make headway towards resolving the Kashmir issue.” But Rehman against hopes the opening of trade across an old ceasefire line and the de facto border, known as the Line of Control (LOC), would lead to a quick solution of the more than 60-year dispute over Muslim-majority Kashmir. “All these steps, cross-LOC trade, communication, people-to-people contacts, talks, all these things slowly and gradually they are most generally contributing factors towards the ultimate resolution,” Rehman said.


Cross LOC trade is a big step towards creatively re- inventing the ties between India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir with bold commitments. This was stated by many politicians in particular the senior PDP leaders. Describing the commencement of Trade on Srinagar- Muzaffarabad and Poonch- Rawlakote roads as unprecedented and Historic, the PDP leaders said that the pronouncements by the Indo-Pak leadership for peace and full normalization of bilateral ties through resolution and pioneering CBM’s in Kashmir has mea red the beginning of a new era where in the Kashmiri People would have a respectable and dignified position. But knowing Indian petrified mindset on Kashmir independence and its ill-focusing on Pakistan, no high hopes could be attached to only the one event of CBT.  



India used extensively the theme of “cross-border-terrorism” to terrorize Muslims in India and Kashmir and slam Pakistan. India right wings Hindutva leaders harp on “partition” theme apart from “terrorism:”, and “appeasement” themes for electoral purposes. When India BJP leader hailed Mohammad Ali Jinnah, there was a big hue and cry in intelligence controlled Indian media, not so much from the politicians.  Jinnah was liberal Barrister and had joined the Indian National Congress, founded in 1885 by an Englishman, in 1904. He was influenced by several enlightened, moderate and liberal politicians. Led by the eminent men like Jinnah, Congress initially pursued moderate and liberal policies. Congress soon began to take a communalistic hue after M K Gandhi had returned to India from South Africa in 1915 and gradually taken control of the Party from the liberal elements. After the death of many of his Hindu friends like Gokhale and Mehta Jinnah was getting disenchanted with the change in the Congress policy and creed under Gandhi, and at the end of their Nagpur session of Congress in 1920, the audience almost refused to listen to Jinnah and vociferously acclaimed Gandhi as the undisputed Congress hero. Congress focused on Hindutva issues and started sideling Muslims. This was the beginning of the end-parting of ways between Jinnah and Congress. Jinnah then concentrated on Muslim League. Interestingly, as a shroud politician, Gandhi soon realized the importance of religious unity to get sovereignty back from colonial Britain and began preaching non-violence and brought the Hindus and Muslims together to fight a joint struggle for freedom.

History always has something to teach the humanity and India should now realize the importance of Indian Muslims for a new India, on the one hand and, on the other, the need for surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmiris. Time is running out for India.



An Observation

By granting freedom to Kashmir, India would also in effect become a truly free nation by itself. But look at the way India terrorist rulers have gone ahead with the polls preparation to justify their illegal occupation and militarization and genocide of Kashmiris with the consent of the pro-India elements thus far enjoying the Indian shield and cash. Thousands and thousands of innocent Kashmiris have lost their precious lives at the terrorist hands of India. They have been demanding their sovereignty back form the arrogant India, while Indian leaders both civilian and military , have so far maintained discrete  silence, rather criminal one, and even the “nice’ premier Manmohan has  not opened his bank mouth to tell the struggling Kashmiris about a deadline for troop withdrawal form Jammu Kashmir. UN has only slammed India for its terrorist activities in Jammu Kashmir, but UNSC has not yet responded to freedom demands of Kashmiris; it has duty to secure the lives of innocent Kashmiris struggling for freedom from India; also secure Kashmir freedom from occupying terror India. India should remember that in declaring re-independence for Jammu Kashmir India also helps itself to become a really free and independent country on its own.


However, India has taken all possible risks by announcing the poll dates ignoring the sentiments of Kashmiris and India would have to pay a heavy price for that as well. Indian strategists cannot afford to forget or ignore the Kashmir uprising so son thinking that they could be made busy in the poll by provoking the politicians to fight with one another. Colonial Indians could be over-smart, but they are terribly mistaken if they think Kashmiris could be fooled for ever by manipulating their people and resources. Kashmiris are different now than they were a couple of months ago. They are well organized and they are guided by freedom leaders who made sacrifices for Kashmir. All Parties Hurriat Conference leaders, however, have rightly remarked that India still needs to acknowledge that Kashmir is disputed, and be prepared to address the underlying issue of the future of the region. By all means the polls would not take place or would be a total farce with military filling up most of the ballot papers and forcing Kashmiris either to vote or die.     


The periodical elections for the JK Assembly and Indian Parliament, supplemented by regular genocide of Kashmiris, could not provide any solution to the Kashmir imbroglio. The Freedom leaders have called for a boycott of the Indian farcical poll since it is supplemented by a promise of surrendering sovereignty to Kashmiris after the poll. False promises and farcical polls would create more turmoil in Jammu Kashmir. With a great majority of people preferring to abandon the Indian poll strategy to control Jammu Kashmir for some time, India has to roll back the polls and decide fast abut a date to begin troop pullout. Kashmiris don’t want an inch of Indian territories, but they seek to get back only their own nation now under Indian terror custody. Kashmiris cannot be taken for granted any more, a few pro-India agents supporting the hidden agenda of India notwithstanding, Mr. Mother India. 

Posted by Isha Khan, who can be reached at

What You should know about RAW
October 26, 2008, 10:47 am
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What You should know about RAW
by Satish Chandra
I have written (for example in my article titled `India’s Technological and Economic Emancipation’ on about the continued control of Indian intelligence agencies by British and later American intelligence agencies after 1947. India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was split off from the Intelligence Bureau which had continued after 1947 to be loyal to the British. Later the Americans supplanted the British and RAW functions as a branch of the CIA against India. As part of this relationship, CIA-RAW exercises extensive control over the Indian media and, among its various activities, engages in sabotage of indigenous research and development to keep India dependent on other countries for defence and other equipment (the nuclear deal is just another CIA-RAW operation of that kind, though of a scope and with consequences far graver than any such operation till now).
An example of this is a Bharat-Rakshak discussion thread about a black box installed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in the indigenously developed Arjun tank that documented the sabotage of its engines during trials by the Army; such sabotage has been the basis of the Army’s rejection, on RAW’s prompting, of the Arjun tank in favour of imports (as I said in the above article, India`s Army is the collaborator Army that helped the British rule India and, even after Independence, all its regiments and units have retained their former identities and regularly celebrate the anniversaries of their founding by the British).
A CIA-RAW operative, who serves as a moderator on Bharat-Rakshak and controls the forum, recently locked away this discussion thread so that numerous posts that had appeared documenting the sabotage of the Arjun tank were covered up. The major metropolitan newspapers, on most of which CIA-RAW exercises extensive control, have made no mention of the black box — which was like the flight data recorder in aircraft — installed by DRDO in Arjun tanks and the shocking findings about the sabotage even though a report on this was provided to them by the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS). There is across the board sabotage by various means by CIA-RAW to keep India down technologically, economically and militarily. RAW’s grip over India is comparable to the old KGB’s grip over the Soviet Union, with the difference that whereas the KGB worked for the good of the Soviet Union, except toward the end, RAW has always worked for its imperialist paymasters. The role of politicians in governing India is insignificant compared to that of CIA-RAW but RAW has no place in the public’s consciousness or in discussions of public affairs in India.
An important point about the sabotage of Arjun is that people on the Arjun discussion thread on Bharat-Rakshak were aghast at the Army’s behavior and calling for Army brass being tried for treason, etc. but it will be a mistake to stop with the Army; it is RAW which is behind such sabotage not just of Arjun but of India’s interests, technological, economic and other, in a lot of areas. RAW has operatives in the Army at various levels but it is necessary to go to the root of the problem. RAW has to be destroyed and I have said that a brand new external intelligence agency should be formed with the help of military intelligence (RAW is supposed to be India’s external intelligence agency but at least 90% of its activities are within India, against India).
The destruction of RAW does not mean simply disbanding the agency and letting its employees continue their service to the CIA through other organisations, old or new, or in other roles. It is a mammoth agency with just the number of joint secretaries in the hundreds. It is India’s real `government’ and the politicians and civil servants largely obey its dictates. It puts the words in the mouths of cabinet ministers, etc., and determines most policies that are, erroneously, attributed to them. Any one, even a prime minister, whom CIA-RAW considers inconvenient is eliminated, if necessary by death, as I have said regarding the deaths of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and, later, Rajiv Gandhi in my article titled `How India`s economy can grow 30% per year`.
Over the past many years, I have shown how almost all terrorist incidents in India since 1983 have been carried out by outfits controlled by the CIA either directly or through intelligence agencies in the region, including India’s RAW. The Jain Commision of Inquiry, which went into Rajiv Gandhi’s death, acknowledged that the LTTE, which carried out his assassination, was created and controlled by RAW. It was an open secret that MQM, in Pakistan’s Sindh province, when it was known as a terrorist organization, was a creation of RAW. But the same is true of many terrorist outfits that operate in India. Another example of RAW’s multifarious activities, that I have described in press releases, articles and letters to the press since 1987, is its spreading heroin addiction and AIDS first in India’s Northeast then elsewhere to provide the United States with a population to use as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development, after the CIA was assigned the task of roping in a population for this purpose.
I have described how both Rajiv Gandhi (after being blackmailed with threats of exposure of the Bofors and HDW kickbacks by Swedish and German media at the CIA`s instigation) and Vajpayee cooperated in this. But terrorism, etc., are the least of its activities; I mentioned those only because the existence of terrorism is publicly known. Its sabotage of India’s research and development activities, of which the sabotage of the Arjun tank is just one example, is among the deadliest of its activities. The nuclear deal and its various aspects — replacing indigenous production of uranium and reactors with imports, the capping, rollback and elimination of India’s nuclear weapons program, media control and buying up politicians, scientists, etc. for this purpose — is just the largest and deadliest of such activities, leaving out the 24-hour satellite surveillance and all the crimes, at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year for the past 31 years, against India’s greatest scientist, described in my article titled `How India`s economy can grow 30% per year` on The point is that all the tens of thousands of RAW employees are guilty of the gravest treason and deserve the death penalty. So do all those — politicians, civil servants and others — who are willing collaborators of CIA-RAW.
It is not just the Intelligence Bureau that continued to be loyal to the British after 1947. So did Nehru:”Starting about 10 hours before he tendered his resignation, Vajpayee, through the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, tried hard to induce the undersigned to issue a statement urging him to not resign (as I have said over the years, he, like Indira and Rajiv, has been a life-long paid agent of British and American intelligence agencies, with the Soviets providing some antidote which gave India a semblance of independence; Indira was made prime minister by the KGB’s assassination of Shastri; and as Nehru admitted to U.S. ambassador Galbraith, he was a life-long agent of the British). No more than about 80,000 British, women and children included, ruled India for centuries. Nothing that can be said about the stupidity and slavishness of Indians will be an exaggeration.” ( see my article `What can save India?’ on In India traitors have been the rule rather than the exception. Anyone concerned with India’s defence has to take account of that.

Isha Khan

Nun accuses police of complicity in attack
October 25, 2008, 7:56 am
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Nun accuses police of complicity in attack

By Matthias Williams


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A nun in Orissa has spoken out for the first time on live television about allegations she was gang-raped by more than 40 men in August, accusing police of complicity in Hindu attacks on Christians.


A string of attacks on Christians by Hindus over the controversial issue of conversions in poor tribal areas has killed at least 37 people in the past two months, mainly in Orissa where most of the violence is concentrated.


“State police failed to stop the crimes, failed to protect me from the attackers, they were friendly with the attackers,” Sister Meena told a news conference on Friday.


The nun’s case became part of the wider controversy surrounding the violence, which sparked an international outcry and drew strong condemnation from Pope Benedict.Her face covered by a black scarf, and scarcely looking at the cameras, she gave a blow-by-blow account of a case that has become emblematic of the religious violence that has rocked three states.


The nun’s statement came two days after the Supreme Court denied her appeal to order a federal police probe into the case.Nine people have been arrested so far, and an identity parade is ready to be set up, but the nun has refused to cooperate with Orissa police, saying she does not have faith in them.One officer has already been suspended in the case for dereliction of duty.





In her statement, Sister Meena said she was dragged out of the house where she was sheltering by armed men who first threatened to decapitate her or burn her alive. She was then taken to a deserted building nearby.


“They pulled out my saree and one of them stepped on my right hand and another on my left hand and then a third person raped me on the verandah,” she said.After she was paraded to a nearby market she pleaded the police to help, but “they did not move”, and later tried to stop her writing a full police complaint, asking her if she knew “what will be the consequence” of filing it.


Both India’s central government and Christian leaders have accused the Orissa state government of turning a blind eye.Orissa police came under fire for ignoring a medical report into the case that authorities said confirmed a rape took place.Human rights groups and government ministers suspect militant Hindu groups were responsible for stoking the religious violence to shore up their vote base ahead of elections in 2009.


Hindu groups denied this, and blamed the clashes on the murder of a prominent Hindu missionary and vocal opponent of Christian proselytising.On Tuesday, hundreds of women from the Rashtriya Sevika Samiti — a group that forms part of the hardline Hindu Sangh Parivar — staged a protest in Orissa’s capital Bhubaneswar, demanding the nun be arrested for lying about her rape.


Orissa police say the situation is slowly returning to normal in the state.Tens of thousands of people fled to government relief camps when the violence first broke out.Police say that some have returned home, but estimate 12,000 people, nearly all Christians, are still sheltering in camps in the district of Kandhamal alone, where the rape is alleged to have taken place.
Isha Khan

RAW and the Problems of DRDO & Kashmir
October 23, 2008, 12:38 pm
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RAW and the Problems of DRDO & Kashmir

Satish Chandra

1. The following is my post on Indian Defence Forum in response to a post regarding the problem of attracting and retaining scientific and engineering talent that the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) is facing:-

“Isn’t the problem that of paying the scientists and engineers wages competitive with the private sector? In non-technical cadres like the IAS, people — including from the IITs, etc. — come because there are a lot of social and other ‘perks’ associated with being, say, a district collector, including financial ones; many IAS people become crorepatis in no time at all regardless of their official pay. A scientist or engineer, toiling away in a lab or workshop has no such ‘perks’ — aside from the satisfaction of working for the motherland. And they have been doing wonderful work. The necessity of paying competitive wages to DRDO, AEC and ISRO scientists and engineers (similar issues exist in the armed forces) has been often emphasised. Such policies are usually determined by the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), whether through a pay commission or otherwise and, as I have shown (; I have collected some of my comments on RAW in that blog into a press release, dated August 26, 2008 and will post it also in the blog), RAW, which functions as a branch of the C.I.A. against India, is dedicated to sabotaging India’s indigenous research and development, especially in the defence field. The failure to address the problem of attracting and retaining talent by paying competitive wages is part of such sabotage. I have said that RAW has to be destroyed for India to realise its potential in both the economic and defence fields.”

2. Recently there have been a number of columns/articles in Indian newspapers urging the grant of ‘azadi’ to Kashmir. Like the celebratory headlines (such as “azadi in air” in the RAW-mouthpiece Times of India) that I referred to below, these columns/articles are all RAW-sponsored. As I said many years ago, RAW keeps a large stable of writers/journalists for such purposes. These columns/articles were sponsored by RAW in response to what I said about Kashmir, when approached for signature on a petition regarding the Baltics and mentioned in the Press Release dated August 15, 2008 below (“I am from India. We wouldn’t let Kashmir go if we have to kill every single Kashmiri”). These columns commenced with one by Arundhati Roy who was brought by RAW into its stable when I wrote a critical review of her novel.

Later, when I referred to her as ‘The inferior Indian nigger woman whose claim to press coverage is her pornographic novel calling Indians cannibals (which they are not; see my review of the book which the inferior Indian niggers of the Indian press never published, in part due to the intervention of the inferior Indian niggers of the Indian Stupid Agency which promoted her by, among other things, arranging for her to be feted in Sri Lanka after my review)…’, RAW turned her overnight into a social and political activist and arranged for her to give a press conference on some Indian social issue in New York City because the New York correspondent for the United News of India (UNI) had once volunteered to arrange a press conference for me in New York on the subject of the United States using India’s population as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development on which I had been writing. (When the Boston Globe published a letter of mine, after its editorial on the rising incidence of dowry killings in India by relatives demanding cars, VCRs, etc., in which I said it was a consequence of rising “consumerism” due to contact with the West which used to be forbidden so that both the young Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were required to do penance and undergo purification before being allowed back into society on their return from England, though only Gandhi — who later launched a mass movement to shun Western consumer goods and ritually burned them in bonfires — complied, RAW sponsored large annual conferences at Harvard University for several years on the subject of India’s dowry deaths — just one of hundreds of such acts of ‘neutralizing’ me it has undertaken). Roy’s article urging ‘azadi’ for Kashmir was followed by similar columns by Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times and by S. A. Aiyar and Jug Suraiya in theTimes of India — all of them operatives of C.I.A.-RAW — and others while RAW organised further ‘azadi’ rallies in Kashmir of the kind I referred to below. The Times of India also sponsored a public opinion poll asking whether India should let Kashmir “go”, to make the unthinkable thinkable in India (see the Press Release dated August 26, 2008 below, “What You Should Know About RAW”).

3. In a post on the Indian Defence Forum three weeks ago I said:

“It is not just that India’s home-grown missile scientists are the best in the world or even the Arjun tank is more than a match for any in its class. With a proper budget and man (and woman) power — I have been calling for at least a tenfold increase in the DRDO budget and a tenfold increase in its scientific and technical head count and this can be done very easily ( ) — there is nothing that can keep India from being militarily supreme in the world.

Except the nuclear deal and the United States’ invasion of India in the form of the IAEA inspections, etc. The nuclear deal is meant to bind India into perpetual slavery. With it, all of the above potential will be suppressed and that is the main purpose of the nuclear deal. That is why DRDO has to take control of the Indian government (see ).”

The stupidity and slavishness of Indians, extending their thousand years of slavery, is on display yet again; all those who have been opposed to the nuclear deal have shifted to simply demanding a “clean and unconditional” NSG waiver, as if all the things that have gone before — the IAEA inspections, the 123 agreement with its provision for domestic laws, the separation agreement and the joint statement of July 18 ‘05 with its multifarious provisions for slavery — don’t matter. Argument is of no avail with the deeply enslaved Indians. Only the nuclear destruction of New Delhi/ Delhi will end it.

4. It was to neutralize my saying that Vajpayee’s “Hate is not on the agenda” amounted to saying “Defence is not on the agenda” (see “A Note About Hate” below) that the C.I.A. arranged for Vajpayee to carry out the 1998 nuclear tests, to be followed by a capping of India’s nuclear program, signing the CTBT, etc. The United States had made a big show of having been surprised by the tests and announced a drastic increase in its intelligence agents in India, etc. and, in a letter to the press right after the tests saying that the tests had been pre-arranged with the United States, I asked why would any one ANNOUNCE they will increase the number of intelligence agents in India, etc.? A little before the tests, a report in the Times of India — which disappeared shortly after I saw it on the Internet — referred to pressures, both internal and external, not to carry out the tests. Such pressures could only be exerted if the external power exerting the pressure knew about the impending tests. Note that, as I mentioned in a letter to the press several years ago, the control of India’s nuclear weapons was taken away from Vajpayee and given to K. R. Narayanan (who was President) — unless Vajpayee relinquished it voluntarily — after I wrote along the above lines questioning Vajpayee’s loyalty/ trustworthiness.

As I have written more than once below, Kargil was a C.I.A.-RAW operation, with the cooperation of Pakistan’s C.I.A.-controlled army chief, to make Vajpayee win the pending election after Vajpayee had lost a confidence vote. As I have written below, Clinton’s visit and meeting Vajpayee, a lifelong agent of the British and the Americans, in Lucknow a couple of years ago were to give him further C.I.A. money, etc. That is why Vajpayee’s lifelong assistant and fool (see my letter dated July 11, 2005 below saying “Vajpayee had arranged for a small explosion to be set off near the British School in New Delhi, run by Britain’s embassy, which caused no damage or injuries but which gained him credit with his followers for a ‘nationalist’ stance against English-medium schools. A little act like that can keep his followers fooled and enable him to ‘string them along’ for at least a half dozen years”; Nehru succeeded in fooling everyone all the time, at least till about 25 years after his death; about a decade ago, I wrote about Indira Gandhi‘s “I am a soul in agony“ — which The Times of London carried as a banner in the top margin of its pages — after the British told her of Nehru being a lifelong loyalist to the British throne and later standing like a courtier with folded hands before the British queen at Rashtrapati Bhavan and being given, as a substitute for the British queen, the latter‘s annual Christmas address on British radio and TV), Advani, has not vigorously pursued the bribery in the recent confidence vote, called the continuation in office of this government illegitimate (quite to the contrary) or filled the jails (“Jail Bharo”) for this illegitimate government pursuing the nuclear deal; the C.I.A. can counter that by revealing Vajpayee and others in the BJP being on its payroll.
 As I have said below, the role of politicians in governing India is insignificant compared to that of C.I.A.-RAW but RAW has no place in the public’s consciousness or the discussion of public affairs in India. Some of the crimes against me were committed at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. To neutralize that, Jaswant Singh, a couple of years ago, was brought to the Kennedy School for a period of time as a Fellow (also to facilitate bringing entire batches of IAS people to be “trained” at the Kennedy School — whose faculty will determine their eligibility for future promotions — and make them formally subservient to the United States; similar programs are in place to “train” Indian Members of Parliament at U.S. universities).
After my press release of August 26, 2008, below, referring to documentation of the sabotage of the Arjun tank, retired Gen. J. J. Singh, now Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, who, as Chief of Army Staff, had trashed the Arjun tank and voiced strong support for the nuclear deal, said India and the U.S. are “natural partners” and welcomed the growth, in “leaps and bounds”, of military cooperation with it. A headline yesterday said the U.S. and Russia will “help” ISRO track its Chandrayaan mission. The Chandrayaan mission had been planned to be autonomous. On January 24, 2006 I wrote below “It is reported (The Pioneer, January 15 ’06, Internet) that the U.S. space agency, NASA, is to “review” the “preliminary design” of India’s ‘Chandrayan 1’ moon mission preparatory to putting its payload on it.
Just as the move to shove foreign nuclear technology down India’s throat through RAW is meant to enable the U.S. to take control of India’s nuclear program, this is a move by the C.I.A., through RAW, to enable the U.S. to take control of India’s space program which had taken on European payloads for this mission and given excuses of funding problems, etc., precisely to avoid the U.S. payload and the nefarious design behind it. India should reject all such ‘cooperation’ and not allow the U.S. to touch its space program with a million mile pole.” As in the case of the nuclear program, top ISRO scientists have been bribed to bring the space program under American control. Former ISRO chief, Kasturirangan, now a member of the Rajya Sabha, strongly supports the nuclear deal also (governorships and Rajya Sabha memberships are one of the ways C.I.A.-RAW rewards traitors).
Isha Khan

Chengara’s Dalit-Adivasis
October 17, 2008, 5:31 pm
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Chengara’s Dalit-Adivasis call to restore their

fundamental rights

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Bharathi Sreedharan could not resist taking risk on her life through dense forest as her children suffered in hunger and starvation in the Chengara village which has been unconstitutionally and unethically blocked by the trade union gangs of all the political parties including the ruling CPI(M) in Kerala. Her agonizing face reflected the happenings inside the village as for more than two months; it is completely cut off from rest of the country. No outsider is allowed to venture into the village and no villager is allowed to come out of it. CPM’s goons attack people from the buses once they recognize that they have sympathies with Chengara people. Many families are on the verge of hunger death if in the next few days no arrangement of food supply is done. ‘They want us to get out of the place but we are determined, says Bharathi, we won’t allow them to take over the place. We are ready to face any eventuality’. We are ready to die for the cause of our children’.

Bharathi came hiding to get some ration from her brother. When the road is blocked from all the way, it is possible only through walking around 10 kilometers in the forest to come and reach the office and wait for him to be there at Laha Gopalan’s office who is the leader of ‘ Sadhu Jan Vimochana Samyukta Vedi’, the organization fighting for the land and livelihood rights of the Dalits and Adivasis in Chengara. It is remarkable that people have united in this struggle and are determined to sacrifice their lives for the land. Interestingly, it is for the first time, that Kerala is witnessing an assertive emerging Dalit Adivasi struggle independent of the influence of dominating communities irrespective of religion.

Gopalan hails from a trade union back ground as he worked in Electricity department and now swears by the legacy of both Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Ayyankali, another Dalit revolutionary from Kerala. The semi constructed office in Pattthanamthittha is a place where all the Dalit-Advasis in the Chengara struggle come and stay. According to Laha Gopalan, they ventured into the area some fourteen months back, as it was legally a government land which should have gone to the landless Dalit-Adivasis of Kerala. The government of Kerala was never interested in the land reform and whatever happened in the name of land reform was eyewash.  The tragedy is that there are villages where the Dalits do not have land for even cremating their people. The issue of Dalits and tribal has been neglected by the national and state level parties and hence we decided to make our own destiny.

About 10 kilometer away towards Tiruwala lives the big family of Sabu who are five brothers.  Each brother has a big family of his own to support. They have no land. Sabu and his wife have small tea shop. The number of children in the family and the small kitchen that they have for their survival tell the story as how the successive Kerala governments failed to give land to the Dalits. ‘ Sabu was happy that Chengara’s vast track could have provided him a source of independent living and some land for agriculture work. He went there with other families. The real assault came from the trade unions this year when people refused to leave their land. ‘ The union felt that they can coerce us to accept their issues but at the moment people are ready to die. They will commit mass suicide if police and other forces are sending to evict them. We are not ready to accept anything less than a decent land package for our children’, say Sabu. He adds that situation is worsening as there is no food, no water and no sanitation in the entire area. Particularly, it is becoming difficult for children and elderly people to stay. Because of the blockade, we can not provide emergency treatment to any of the villagers as vehicles are not allowed and there is every chance of a bloody fight if we come in touch with the trade union people. Children are facing the malnutrition as there is nothing to eat and drink. We can not go to market to buy milk and rice. Moreover, because of no work in the past two months, there is no money to buy anything’. 

How come he is here in the village. ‘ Sir, the union people allowed us 5 days leaves during the Onam festivities. We were allowed to move in and out and hence I came here. I have overstayed here and hence it is difficult to go there because of blockade’. I can not speak to my relatives and friends there, I am really worried as if food is not provided to people soon, they will start dying soon. I am concerned about children and elderly people. They are completely cut off from the rest of the world. It is shameful.’

The seize of Chengara went off well until one day the government which was keen to revive its lease to Harrison Plantation decided that the Dalit and Adivasis could only be evicted if they push it through other routs which is ‘right to live’ issue of the 70 odd plantation workers who were working there. The issue is the Chengara’s tea plantation was already defunct years ago and hence to blame the current situation for the crisis is absolutely wrong. Harrison Plantation cannot use these 70 workers as a shield to deny land rights of the people. The tactics they adopted are fascistic in nature as from the August this year, the situation worsened after the plantation trade union and CPM in particular started blockade. Now the parties have not only used the local tea plantation trade unions but people have been invited from other parts of the state also against the landless people. All the ways going to Chengara were blocked by the party men and no material including medical aid was allowed to go into the village. Only allowance given to people was during ONAM festivities when the blockade was lifted for 5 days to let the people celebrate the festival. But after that the blockade has become functional and harsher and it might turn into a bloody war. Now the situation has gone out of hand. People inside the Chengara area have no source of livelihood; there is no supply of food and water. Some Muslim youth organizations of the area wanted to send rice for the families but but never allowed to do so. It is violation of their rights to food and free from hunger. The state government has shamelessly allowed the situation to go out of hand which has given strength to the trade unions.

It is unfortunate that in this war against their Dalits and tribal the organized gang of the trade union is taking action irrespective of ideology. It is a rare combination of how the upper caste communists and the Hindutva people can come together to wipe out the legitimate demands of the Dalits and tribals. The duplicity of the CPM’s idea comes that the same party launch movement for restoration of land in Andhra Pradesh but want to say that all the Dalits and tribals who have now settled in Chengara are encroachers. Perhaps they have forgotten their own slogan of ‘ Jo jameen sarkari hai, woh jameen hamari hai ( the government land is our land. Land struggles historically invoked this slogan. Harrison Plantation Company did not have legal rights to the acquired land. The lease expired long back. The dalits and tribal who did not get benefited under any programme of the government rightfully acquired the land and asked the government to redistribute it to them. How come the communist government of Kerala kept quiet and turned hostile to Dalits who have just extended the slogan what the communist parties have been raising every where else except in the states they have been ruling. Is it because this land struggle is first of its kind being led by the Dalits and have organized both the Dalits and tribal together in the state.

Dalits have been asking the government to allot them land. In 2006 in the Patthanamthitta district after five days struggle in the government land of rubber plantation area, the land was given to the Dalits on the papers only. Many people are still trying to find where there land is which was given to them on papers by the state government. Says, Raghu, one of the members of the Solidarity Committee,  ‘we do not want papers, we want land’.

Patthanamthitta is a district about 60 kilometers from Kottayam, the heart of the Syrian Christian, the original brahmanical convert to Christianity. About 40 kilometer from the town is the heart of Ayappa, the Hindu God. The land relations here are different as the dominant community here is the upper caste Christians. What their role is in the entire struggle of the Dalits, I ask Raghu. ‘ Oh, like any other feudal, the Syrian Christians also are not interested in the battle of Dalits. Dalits here have separate churches for them.’ The Solidarity Committee members like Simon John, who is also Chairman of Backward People Development Corporation, Kerala concede that the original Brahmin converts to Christianity have not left their old prejudices in the Church and therefore are not very keen in supporting the movement of the Dalits and tribal in Chengara. Like the CPM cadre, many of them too feel that the Dalits and tribal have ‘encroached’ the government land, though it is another matter that they all forgot that Harrison Plantation has been the biggest encroacher and was overstaying at the place. It is also shocking that Kerala did not have substantial land reform and all talks of a Kerala module in the developmental text books are big farce if one visit the rural areas of Kerala and speak to Dalits and tribals. A lot is written about Kerala model as a state. Recently a friend wrote to me from London about casteless, dowerless society in Kerala. Yes, I said, Kerala’s caste prejudices are hidden underneath like West Bengal since the first thing the communist regime does is to stop the export of information to outside world. More importantly since a large number of writers and authors actually have been sympathetic to the CPM’s policies with upper caste mindset, they do not really expose the Kerala myth. It was not just Bengal, Tatas have huge track of land in Kerala in the name of tea gardens and plantation. One should not forget that great Dalit revolutionary Ayyankali emerged in Kerala to fight for the rights of Dalits. It is not for nothing that both Patthanmthitta and Trivendram represent two different kind of dominations that Kerala has : the Christian domination and the Hindu domination. Both these upper elites interest are against the rights of the Dalits and other marginalized communities. They remain caged to their old prejudiced worldview.

Laha Gopalan is a determined man. He has seen the traumas of the Dalit communities in the villages where they do not even have land for funeral leave alone for education and houses.  ‘ The political parties, both at the national and state level have betrayed the cause of the Dalits and tribal,’ he says.  ‘ We started our struggle when people failed to get land by any request. We found that there is no land to them and the government wanted to further the lease at the area which was being used by the Dalits and tribal. Our historic struggle started last year as 7000 people captured the area and started living there. One should have expected that the communist parties which have raised the slogans of ‘ jo jameen sarkari hai, wo jameen hamari hai, ( Government land is our land) today are strangely at the other end. There is no hope in the sight as the trade unions are determined to take law in their own hand and kill people with chief minister virtually becoming a ‘Dhritrastra’.

Says Laha Gopalan, ‘ when we started our first struggle the government termed that they were genuine demands. In June 2006 about 5000 families were living in another plantation area when the revenue minister interfered and promised them land. Chief Minister Achutanandan promised about 1 acre land to each family of the landless but nothing happened. Since August 4, 2007, there are over 7000 families and the government has so far neglected their demand. The unions have surrounded the area and are beating people who are showing solidarity. The lives of the solidarity committee members are in deep threat in the area. They are being identified in the buses, taxis and even in the press conferences and targeted.’ 

‘ Even in the war zones people allow doctors and medical teams to visit the victims but here the goons of CPM and other trade unions have denied that too to the people,’ says Simon John. They are not allowing the food supply in the village. There is a hunger and starvation situation prevailing in the ‘samarbhoomi’ and one person is already dead due to hunger. It is violation of people’s right to life’, add John.  ‘ We are deeply disturbed at the turn of events as government and political parties led by the upper castes are not at all bothered about the growing marginalization of the communities says another activist in Patthanamthittha.

Is it not strange and ironical that CPM and other communist parties who have been in the forefront of agitation against any kind of exploitation in the organized sector do not find that the landless people in Chengara are struggling for a genuine cause? The party leaders termed the entire struggle as unwanted and felt that the local goons and land mafias have taken over the Chengara land struggle. Ofcourse, Party’s anti Dalit stand is visible anywhere. One does not blame the top leadership of the party for being anti Dalit as it would be too much to blame but definitely party’s local leaders are not really that radical Dalit supporters as they should have been. CPM for that matter is like any other political party ( we wanted it remained a different political party) whose cadres hail from dominant communities and serve their local interest as we have seen in West Bengal and how the party remained mute to the displacement of about 700 Valmiki families in Belilius Park in Howarah several years back. Today, party’s proud MPs have made use of the entire space for private properties and shops. Ofcourse, the poor Balmikis never got support from any other Bhadralok parties in Bengal and living in Bengal in highly uncivilized and unacceptable conditions near the waste-mountains, on sewerage lines and on the railway tracks. Similar thing happen in Kerala where the Dalits and Adivasis of Chengara have not got support from any other political outfits. That gives strength to fascistic tendencies of the ruling party and their leaders. But the fact is this nationalism of the communist parties is more dangerous. Our problems with the Hindutva fascist is that we know that they are against the people but when the so called leaders of the proliterariat start behaving neo Hindutvavadis then situation need special remedial measures otherwise people’s frustration would explode soon.

Chengara’s land struggle is historical. It shows that people can not really depend on government dole out for land. Political parties in connivance with the defunct industrial houses are keeping people landless. New landlessness is on the rise. Courts are being used as an excuse to evict people. The marginalized have understood this and are ready to fight till end. If the government of Kerala think it is wrong, let it come out in open and say that they oppose people’s movement for land right. The government cannot use trade unions and other goons to threaten people and evict them. Life in Chengara has become miserable and any further delay will turn Chengara into another Nandigram. The situation in Chengara would become more dangerous and bloody if the government does not behave responsibly. All national and international rights bodies should take care of this note that denying people free movement is denying them right to choice and livelihood. Kerala government has failed to protect Chengara’s Dalits and Adivasis right to move free from one place and other. The inhuman blockade has created unprecedented situation where children and elderly people in Chengara are suffering. Any further delay would escalate the crisis and only government of Kerala would be held responsible for this. The government must act fast and negotiate with the struggling masses of Chengara. The trade union blockade is unconstitutional and illegal and must be removed immediately as it violate the fundamental rights of the people living there who are victim of the criminal silence of the government and civil society.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
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