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A Free Kashmir: Not by Curfews
October 14, 2008, 1:55 pm
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A Free Kashmir: Not by Curfews alone, Mr. Governor! Kashmiris seek independence, not Indian poll now!
By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Muslims are being tortured and killed almost every where, in conservative countries, autocracies and the so-called democracies. Anti-Islamic regimes kill them to quench their blood thirst, while the Muslim nations do the same in order to appease the terrorist nations led by the USA which many developing countries vie to gain nuclear contracts. Muslims are being butchered in Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere and yet none is capable to raise their serious concern against those waging poisonous tails against Muslims. In anti-Muslim Hindu conservative India, even Muslims are made to be work against their own legitimate interests.

Terrorist India that occupies its neighbor Jammu Kashmir by brutal force has over decades created a terror force to kill Kashmiris and groomed a band of anti-Muslim militant-minded journalists to pursue the state agenda of anti-Muslimism who in the name of combating terrorism only keep the inter-civilization wedge intact if no t further fueling it. They promote only anti-Islamic opinions in the media under their control and influence abroad especially in developing world, more importantly in Middle East. Indian journalists, thriving on “terrorism” cash, see only terrorism in Indian and Kashmir Muslims in one form or the other. They denounce any thing “not pro-India’ and term them as ” anti-India” and terrorize even the non-Muslim journalists who make living on terrorism theme.

India is country of hidden agendas at home and abroad. State terrorism has remained the hallmark of Indian policy. As soon as it clinched the nuclerism with USA, it went further to showcase its power to Jammu Kashmir. Indian leaders, including the military top brass, are yet to admit the fact that terror forces are illegally occupying Jammu Kashmir. India has repeatedly asked Pakistan to stay away form Kashmir issue and let the Kashmiris seek independence all by themselves. It is very particular that Kashmir is kept out of purview of any bilateral talks between them. Will India, then, resolve the issue now and surrender Kashmir for good?

Indian and JK governments have complicated the life of freedom leaders particularly Syed Ali Geelani who is being repeated arrested and mentally tortured. During the recent curfew clamped by Vohra regime in Srinagar has further deteriorated the health of this veteran leader. The Majlis Shoura of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC-G) has appointed Ghulam Nabi Sumji as acting chairman of the amalgam because of the ill-health of Chairman Shah Geelani, who has been advised to get his pacemaker replaced and is being shifted to Delhi for treatment. The condition of Geelani had deteriorated because of his continuous detention and house arrest. He was admitted to a local hospital on October 5.

Geelani criticized the authorities for imposing curfew in the valley and arresting separatist leaders and asked the people not to heed rumors and foil any attempt by miscreants to harm unity. However, in a message to the people of Kashmir, he stressed the need for unity among all pro liberation groups.


People’s power is indeed great and purposeful. Kashmiris have shown that if people are united and fight for a just cause the rulers would be ruined sooner than later.

Discovered by UK in 19th century, the Amarnath temple structure outside India has all of sudden become a Hindutva symbol of Hindus in India and Jammu region of Kashmir. India and its Hindu representatives in Jammu Kashmir seem to have accorded to the Amarnath the status of NRI. After the destruction of Babri Mosque on the pretext that it was once Hindu structure, the Hindu India has taken up a new agenda in Hinduizing occupied Jammu Kashmir. They were under illusion that what they want to do in India and Jammu Kashmir will have to be accepted by Muslims as the final law. But Muslims Kashmir are totally different form those in India made with completely pro-Hindu mindset, and they don’t want to be a part of terrorist India that has killed over lakh Kashmiris so far.

Unlike the slavery minded Muslims in India who even don’t have the capacity to fight for the reconstruction of the Babri Mosque demolished by Indian Hindu terrorists, Kashmiris continue to demand freedom from occupying India. Muzaffarabad March sacrificed a prominent freedom leader among others, but it evoked the inner consciousness of freedom seeking Kashmiris who are overwhelming in Jammu Kashmir. After protestors thronged the United Nations Military Observer Group’s (UNIMOGIP’S) office in Srinagar demanding the resolution of Kashmir dispute the United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has formulated plans to pay a visit to India towards the end of this month or early November. Ban has criticized the India terrorism in Kashmir but, as usual, prompted resented by India. UN chiefs visit to India will be closely watched by the pro liberation camp in the Valley. Many pro liberation leaders are planning to seek a rendezvous with the UN chief and plead for his intervention in resolving the six decades old Kashmir sovereignty issue.

Pertinent to mention that freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani had during a rally held at TRC grounds on August 18 asked Ban Ki-moon to pay a visit to the Valley and ascertain the facts, besides getting a first hand account on the uprising in Kashmir. Hopefully, UN chief’s visit to this “democracy’ killing Kashmiris for fun will pave way for freedom of Jammu Kashmir.

Not by Curfew alone!

A high level meeting held in New Delhi discussed the Kashmir situation and unanimously decided to impose curfew in the Valley to scuttle the Lal Chowk March. The security agencies were already directed to erect long iron-made barricades at various entry points including Kokerbazar, Amira Kadal, Jehangir Chowk, Regal Chowk to prevent people from marching towards Lal Chowk. “Massive deployment of troops has already been put in place and Lal Chowk will be made out of bound for the people. Meanwhile, authorities have imposed section 144 in Ganderbal and Baramulla districts of Kashmir to prevent assembling of more than four persons at a place.

The curfew comes in the wake of Lal Chowk Chalo March call given by Coordination Committee, a freedom conglomerate, to press for its demands which include opening of Line of Control roads for trade, release of all detainees and revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act. A number of freedom leaders, including Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yaseen Malik were put under preventive custody. Hardline freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani was shifted to a hospital after he complained of pain in lower abdomen. Among those placed under house arrest were Chairman of moderate faction of the Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadith chief Maulana Showkat besides senior separatist leaders Abdul Gani Bhat, Bilal Lone and Sajjad Lone.

A virtual siege was laid around Lal Chowk as a large posse of gun-toting security personnel took up position in and around the area. All entry and exit points in Srinagar city have been sealed. There were some sporadic protests when the paramilitary forces refused to entertain curfew passes. However, the issue was resolved later. The new anti-riot vehicles, procured by the Jammu and Kashmir Police recently, were positioned at strategic locations, especially those which had witnessed violence earlier. Due to indefinite curfew imposed by the authorities in Srinagar and elsewhere in Kashmir and the government’s failure to provide adequate number of curfew passes to our staff, distributors and hawkers, the print editions. Some of the local newspapers failed to hit the stands as publishers decided not to print them accusing the government of not providing enough curfew passes to their staff, a charge denied by the government. A private television channel — Sen TV– was banned for allegedly inciting people to disturb public peace and tranquility.

Indian agents in Jammu Kashmir headed by Governor Vohra are trying all tricks including state terrorism techniques to quell the freedom move in Jammu Kashmir by clamping curfews intermittently adding more harm to the Kashmiris. After creating enough trouble for the Kashmir Muslims the Hindu “brethren” in Jammu region are enjoying life by being agents of New Delhi.

Moral Victory for Kashmiris

Putting all speculations to rest, State administration decided on Oct 04 to impose curfew in Kashmir on 05 to abort the October 6 “Lal Chowk March”. Administration has decided to impose curfew. “The announcement in this regard will be made anytime on Sunday. Another senior official said that the administration has decided to impose the curfew to prevent the situation from taking an ugly turn. A top police official said that imposition of curfew is a move to prevent the “separatists” from calling the shots. He said that State authorities were in a fix whether to impose curfew this time around.

Freedom leaders try to see if they could cushion the effects of harm being done intentionally by New Delhi to them. India terror forces want to kill Kashmiris for no reasons. Curfew would give enough opportunity for that. After facing repeated curfews against public mobilization calls, top freedom leaders on 05 Sept called off agitation for October considering the ongoing harvest season and scheduled exams for College and University courses. Syed Ali Geelani urged the people to resume their routine chores and accomplish the social and economic goals during October. Geelani appealed people to resume work from October 7 saying the future strategy will be set on October 8 in a special session of Jammu Kashmir Coordination Committee (CC). The senior resistance leader Geelani said: “Our October 6 program was sabotaged by using unprecedented force and clamping of curfew. The ailing leader said October is the marriage and harvesting season. He said it is a crucial period for the school and college children too. People should resume their routine work from October 7 and wait for the future program of the CC. “No marriage or examination should get affected by the CC program. Our farmers should also complete the process of harvesting at ease. But it was our victory and the real face of Indian democracy got exposed by what they did. Lal Chowk March continues to remain on stand-by, the date of which will be announced soon.

Senior leader of the Coordination Committee and Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has termed the state’s use of force against the Lal Chowk March as “People’s moral victory” and asked the people restore the normal activity from Oct 05 and called for resumption of normal activities. People should resume their routine activities because the message is conveyed loud and clear. We had asked the people to come with white flags without any slogans except for one demand of right to self-determination; the world has seen how peaceful programs are quelled through brute force.” Reacting harshly to what he termed “undemocratic and uncivilized” response to peaceful means of resistance, Mirwaiz said: “Indian response to this extremely peaceful program has shown how vacuous her claims about democracy and ideals of free speech are.” Mirwaiz further informed that the Coordination Committee – a coalition of pro-freedom leader, trade lobby groups and civil society representatives – would shortly convene a session and work out the “future course of action”.

But one still fails to understand why can’t these freedom leaders make joint statements after debating the current situation in Jammu Kashmir? What exactly stops them form coming together to take a common stand and firmly fighting for that? Don’t they really seek sovereignty back form the terrorist Hindu nation? Indian strategist do claim that way and many paid newspaper columnists, aided by Indian intelligence, do write about the “double-speak” of the “separatist s”! The Kashmir freedom leaders have to call them a bluff only through joint action henceforth and let the world know the Kashmiris are together on their resolve to get away form the terror India as quickly as possible!!

But why curfew again and again? Can’t the freedom leaders talk to their people? During the previous rallies we have observed that people did maintain peace as far as possible and did not resort to violence generally experienced on such occasions. . We don’t think Lal Chowk March would be peaceful as there was every possibility that people would create law and order problems.”

Vohra must stop terrorizing Freedom leaders!

It is shame on the Indian “secular democracy” that Kashmir is being controlled by India Hindu leaders, officers and other officials. No one is really bothered as Kashmir Muslims re being tortured and killed on a regular basis. In this connection, briefing Chief Election Commissioner of India (CEC) about present political scenario, Governor Narender N Vohra and gave a nod for holding polls in the State as per schedule saying the situation was returning to normal from the worst. Last week the Election Commission of India visited Srinagar on a two day visit to make an assessment of the situation for the forthcoming elections to the J&K Assembly. The Commission ‘meets’ the representatives of political parties of the State tomorrow and obtain their views on holding of the elections. The Chief Secretary, S. S. Kapur and Director General of Police, Kuldeep Khoda “briefed” the Commission on law and order situation and the assessment of the Administration for conduct of polls in the state.

Recently, on an almost secret journey to Indian colony Jammu Kashmir, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan intruded into Jammu Kashmir almost like a cross-border terrorist to pursue the Indian agenda in this alien nation effectively controlled by his terror forces. Manmohan was in occupied and militarized Jammu and Kashmir on 10 Oct to inaugurate the 450 MW Baglihar hydroelectric projects and switch on a new rail track to Kashmir. Indian premier landed at Udhampur to the loudest protests form natives of Jammu Kashmir and then flew to the Baglihar project site in Doda. On Oct 10 he (ie his forces) killed mercilessly Kashmiris protests who sought freedom and asked the outside to quit their nation.

Pakistan has been raising the Baghliar Dam issue with India at the bilateral level since 1992. It was only after all bilateral talks with India on the issue had failed that Pakistan decided to request the World Bank to appoint a neutral expert as an arbitrator. Under the Indus Water Treaty, India can use the waters of the Chenab for hydro-electric generation, but not for irrigation or any other consumptive use. In violation of this provision, the Baghliar Dam will allow India to draw up to 7,000 cusecs (cubic feet per second) of water a day from the Chenab river for irrigation purposes, thereby reducing the quantum of river flows available to Pakistan.

Pakistan says this would not only be a violation of the treaty but also an infringement of its rights as a lower-riparian state. India’s stand is that the controversial 450 megawatt hydro-electric project “fulfills” the requirements of the Indus Water Treaty, a claim contested by Pakistan. In 2005, Pakistan had sought the World Bank’s intervention to stop construction of the Baglihar dam and the hydroelectricity power project. An expert appointed by the World Bank had allowed India to go ahead with the project after a few minor modifications. The issue came up last month as well when Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari brought up the Baglihar dam issue during talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

On the eve of Manmohan’s visit to Kashmir to open the hydro and rail projects, on Oct 04 Governor Vohra stressed authorities to complete construction on the road to Muzaffarabad within 15 days. Reviewing arrangements for cross-LoC trade, Vohra visited Salamabad in Uri and reviewed the ongoing work for establishment of Trade Facilitation Centre, coming up on war footing for meeting the deadline of October 21, the date set for cross-LoC trade with Pakistan administered Kashmir. The Governor reviewed the preparedness and arrangements for launching an important event and called upon executing agencies to complete the remaining work on a time-bound basis. Vohra personally monitored the arrangements made for cross-LoC trade via the Salamabad and Chakan-da-Bagh routes. Accompanied by senior Army officers, the Governor visited the Kaman Post and was given a detailed briefing about the arrangements and services which were being provided for the passengers traveling to Muzaffarabad, now on weekly basis. Vohra had also visited Chakan-da-Bagh and Zero Point in Poonch on September 28.

For reasons known only to itself, India seems to tighten the security position in Kashmir region. Kashmir remained under curfew for days off and on with police and paramilitary forces deployed heavily in the Valley to thwart any attempt by separatists to hold a protest march to Lal Chowk in Srinagar. Barring minor incidents of slogan shouting by groups of people that gathered in old Baramulla town, the situation in the entire Valley was peaceful and there was been no report of any violent incident.

India must stop terrorizing Kashmiris directly or through proxy wars. Curfews, torltures andgenocides cannot go on fo rever and India has to surrender Jammu Kashmir.

An Observation

India at long last says it welcomes bilateral and trilateral talks and the freedom leaders should come up with specific proposals. I s Manmohan joking right being in Kashmir where thousands and thousands of innocent Kashmiris have laid their lives for the cause of freedom? But even a child in Kashmir and perhaps India knows that Kashmiris have only complaints and grievances and they seek final withdrawal of Indian terror forces from Jammu Kashmir and Let Kashmiris live peacefully as free independent citizens of their own country.

India suffers form superiority complexes and it might not come forward to talk to “small fellows” who don’t have a unified vice, especially under the nuclerism era. India strategists, including the media lords and intelligence, would like to divert the world attention form the present crises and keep postponing talks to finalize the sovereignty issue indefinitely if freedom leaders are still behave irresponsibly even after letting terrorist India to butcher over lakh innocent Kashmiris.

Obviously, India leaders and being ill-advised by the strategists including the media lords to go ahead with its scheduled poll in Jammu Kashmir and create a lot confusion to divert the attention of Kashmiris fighting for their independence and survival. That way India could showcase its power to the world. Bulk of India media and Kashmir newspapers have not changed their anti-Kashmir attitude so far and continue harp on espousing hatred in the minds of Indians including the Muslims, who have been brain-washed by the media and leaders.

As it shows JK is being run by Hindus and their supporters against the will and wishes of Kashmiris. Indo-US nuclerism is considered by Indian leaders as a victory for its terror policy in Jammu Kashmir. USA has in effect strengthened the dirty hands of Indian terror forces to strangle the innocent Kashmiris. USA should be beware of an arrogant India!

Manmohan belongs to the category of those trained Indian bureaucrats who speak only the words they are allowed by the “Ups” and generally keep tight lips on every issue. But even after becoming the premier, although quite unexpectedly, he has continued to behave like a bureaucrat, rather than the leader of Indian people and, therefore, he keeps his mouth shut on Kashmir issue too. However, he knew the exact words to denounce the Iranian legitimate nuclear program to appease the EU and USA, he still has not found the right word s to declare independence for Kashmir, and notwithstanding the fact Kashmiris now demand their sovereignty and asks the India terror forces occupying Jammu Kashmir to quite.

These days India shows any inclination to talk to freedom leaders and announce a date for the transfer of power to Kashmir freedom leaders. It is unfortunate that Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in his own capacity has volunteered to talk to Indian leaders on sovereignty issue. It would be better for the Kashmir’s future goals and innocent Kashmiris left behind alive by Indian terror forces occupying Jammu Kashmir, if all leaders discuss and decide the issues and how to proceed further as one single freedom groups, in stead of making independent statement by individual leaders. India has already capitalized the division among the Kashmiris leaders to kill their kith and kin and it would not hesitate to kill every single Kashmiris if the leaders don’t shed their “separate’ identity. For the sake of independence and freedom they have to scarify their complexes.

The conflicting statements made not only by the Kashmir freedom leaders, but also by the Pakistan leaders creates a conflicting situation in Jammu Kashmir and as they mislead the ordinary Kashmiris to a great extent. More crucial is the fact that Indian leaders in New Delhi remain silent on the issue now that Kashmiri freedom leaders have opted for peaceful resolution, but their continued criminal silence also is injurious to Kashmir peace in the long run. Because, India cannot fool the Kashmiris for too long, however powerful they might be and how many weapons arsenals they have n the arms depot.

The crux of the Kashmir crisis is the Indian continued military occupation of Jammu Kashmir and the crucial issue creating confusion not only both in India and Kashmir, but also Pakistan and word at large is criminal silence being skillfully maintained by India on its intentions about a free Kashmir.

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South Asia
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