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RAW and the Problems of DRDO & Kashmir
October 23, 2008, 12:38 pm
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RAW and the Problems of DRDO & Kashmir

Satish Chandra

1. The following is my post on Indian Defence Forum in response to a post regarding the problem of attracting and retaining scientific and engineering talent that the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) is facing:-

“Isn’t the problem that of paying the scientists and engineers wages competitive with the private sector? In non-technical cadres like the IAS, people — including from the IITs, etc. — come because there are a lot of social and other ‘perks’ associated with being, say, a district collector, including financial ones; many IAS people become crorepatis in no time at all regardless of their official pay. A scientist or engineer, toiling away in a lab or workshop has no such ‘perks’ — aside from the satisfaction of working for the motherland. And they have been doing wonderful work. The necessity of paying competitive wages to DRDO, AEC and ISRO scientists and engineers (similar issues exist in the armed forces) has been often emphasised. Such policies are usually determined by the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), whether through a pay commission or otherwise and, as I have shown (; I have collected some of my comments on RAW in that blog into a press release, dated August 26, 2008 and will post it also in the blog), RAW, which functions as a branch of the C.I.A. against India, is dedicated to sabotaging India’s indigenous research and development, especially in the defence field. The failure to address the problem of attracting and retaining talent by paying competitive wages is part of such sabotage. I have said that RAW has to be destroyed for India to realise its potential in both the economic and defence fields.”

2. Recently there have been a number of columns/articles in Indian newspapers urging the grant of ‘azadi’ to Kashmir. Like the celebratory headlines (such as “azadi in air” in the RAW-mouthpiece Times of India) that I referred to below, these columns/articles are all RAW-sponsored. As I said many years ago, RAW keeps a large stable of writers/journalists for such purposes. These columns/articles were sponsored by RAW in response to what I said about Kashmir, when approached for signature on a petition regarding the Baltics and mentioned in the Press Release dated August 15, 2008 below (“I am from India. We wouldn’t let Kashmir go if we have to kill every single Kashmiri”). These columns commenced with one by Arundhati Roy who was brought by RAW into its stable when I wrote a critical review of her novel.

Later, when I referred to her as ‘The inferior Indian nigger woman whose claim to press coverage is her pornographic novel calling Indians cannibals (which they are not; see my review of the book which the inferior Indian niggers of the Indian press never published, in part due to the intervention of the inferior Indian niggers of the Indian Stupid Agency which promoted her by, among other things, arranging for her to be feted in Sri Lanka after my review)…’, RAW turned her overnight into a social and political activist and arranged for her to give a press conference on some Indian social issue in New York City because the New York correspondent for the United News of India (UNI) had once volunteered to arrange a press conference for me in New York on the subject of the United States using India’s population as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development on which I had been writing. (When the Boston Globe published a letter of mine, after its editorial on the rising incidence of dowry killings in India by relatives demanding cars, VCRs, etc., in which I said it was a consequence of rising “consumerism” due to contact with the West which used to be forbidden so that both the young Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were required to do penance and undergo purification before being allowed back into society on their return from England, though only Gandhi — who later launched a mass movement to shun Western consumer goods and ritually burned them in bonfires — complied, RAW sponsored large annual conferences at Harvard University for several years on the subject of India’s dowry deaths — just one of hundreds of such acts of ‘neutralizing’ me it has undertaken). Roy’s article urging ‘azadi’ for Kashmir was followed by similar columns by Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times and by S. A. Aiyar and Jug Suraiya in theTimes of India — all of them operatives of C.I.A.-RAW — and others while RAW organised further ‘azadi’ rallies in Kashmir of the kind I referred to below. The Times of India also sponsored a public opinion poll asking whether India should let Kashmir “go”, to make the unthinkable thinkable in India (see the Press Release dated August 26, 2008 below, “What You Should Know About RAW”).

3. In a post on the Indian Defence Forum three weeks ago I said:

“It is not just that India’s home-grown missile scientists are the best in the world or even the Arjun tank is more than a match for any in its class. With a proper budget and man (and woman) power — I have been calling for at least a tenfold increase in the DRDO budget and a tenfold increase in its scientific and technical head count and this can be done very easily ( ) — there is nothing that can keep India from being militarily supreme in the world.

Except the nuclear deal and the United States’ invasion of India in the form of the IAEA inspections, etc. The nuclear deal is meant to bind India into perpetual slavery. With it, all of the above potential will be suppressed and that is the main purpose of the nuclear deal. That is why DRDO has to take control of the Indian government (see ).”

The stupidity and slavishness of Indians, extending their thousand years of slavery, is on display yet again; all those who have been opposed to the nuclear deal have shifted to simply demanding a “clean and unconditional” NSG waiver, as if all the things that have gone before — the IAEA inspections, the 123 agreement with its provision for domestic laws, the separation agreement and the joint statement of July 18 ‘05 with its multifarious provisions for slavery — don’t matter. Argument is of no avail with the deeply enslaved Indians. Only the nuclear destruction of New Delhi/ Delhi will end it.

4. It was to neutralize my saying that Vajpayee’s “Hate is not on the agenda” amounted to saying “Defence is not on the agenda” (see “A Note About Hate” below) that the C.I.A. arranged for Vajpayee to carry out the 1998 nuclear tests, to be followed by a capping of India’s nuclear program, signing the CTBT, etc. The United States had made a big show of having been surprised by the tests and announced a drastic increase in its intelligence agents in India, etc. and, in a letter to the press right after the tests saying that the tests had been pre-arranged with the United States, I asked why would any one ANNOUNCE they will increase the number of intelligence agents in India, etc.? A little before the tests, a report in the Times of India — which disappeared shortly after I saw it on the Internet — referred to pressures, both internal and external, not to carry out the tests. Such pressures could only be exerted if the external power exerting the pressure knew about the impending tests. Note that, as I mentioned in a letter to the press several years ago, the control of India’s nuclear weapons was taken away from Vajpayee and given to K. R. Narayanan (who was President) — unless Vajpayee relinquished it voluntarily — after I wrote along the above lines questioning Vajpayee’s loyalty/ trustworthiness.

As I have written more than once below, Kargil was a C.I.A.-RAW operation, with the cooperation of Pakistan’s C.I.A.-controlled army chief, to make Vajpayee win the pending election after Vajpayee had lost a confidence vote. As I have written below, Clinton’s visit and meeting Vajpayee, a lifelong agent of the British and the Americans, in Lucknow a couple of years ago were to give him further C.I.A. money, etc. That is why Vajpayee’s lifelong assistant and fool (see my letter dated July 11, 2005 below saying “Vajpayee had arranged for a small explosion to be set off near the British School in New Delhi, run by Britain’s embassy, which caused no damage or injuries but which gained him credit with his followers for a ‘nationalist’ stance against English-medium schools. A little act like that can keep his followers fooled and enable him to ‘string them along’ for at least a half dozen years”; Nehru succeeded in fooling everyone all the time, at least till about 25 years after his death; about a decade ago, I wrote about Indira Gandhi‘s “I am a soul in agony“ — which The Times of London carried as a banner in the top margin of its pages — after the British told her of Nehru being a lifelong loyalist to the British throne and later standing like a courtier with folded hands before the British queen at Rashtrapati Bhavan and being given, as a substitute for the British queen, the latter‘s annual Christmas address on British radio and TV), Advani, has not vigorously pursued the bribery in the recent confidence vote, called the continuation in office of this government illegitimate (quite to the contrary) or filled the jails (“Jail Bharo”) for this illegitimate government pursuing the nuclear deal; the C.I.A. can counter that by revealing Vajpayee and others in the BJP being on its payroll.
 As I have said below, the role of politicians in governing India is insignificant compared to that of C.I.A.-RAW but RAW has no place in the public’s consciousness or the discussion of public affairs in India. Some of the crimes against me were committed at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. To neutralize that, Jaswant Singh, a couple of years ago, was brought to the Kennedy School for a period of time as a Fellow (also to facilitate bringing entire batches of IAS people to be “trained” at the Kennedy School — whose faculty will determine their eligibility for future promotions — and make them formally subservient to the United States; similar programs are in place to “train” Indian Members of Parliament at U.S. universities).
After my press release of August 26, 2008, below, referring to documentation of the sabotage of the Arjun tank, retired Gen. J. J. Singh, now Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, who, as Chief of Army Staff, had trashed the Arjun tank and voiced strong support for the nuclear deal, said India and the U.S. are “natural partners” and welcomed the growth, in “leaps and bounds”, of military cooperation with it. A headline yesterday said the U.S. and Russia will “help” ISRO track its Chandrayaan mission. The Chandrayaan mission had been planned to be autonomous. On January 24, 2006 I wrote below “It is reported (The Pioneer, January 15 ’06, Internet) that the U.S. space agency, NASA, is to “review” the “preliminary design” of India’s ‘Chandrayan 1’ moon mission preparatory to putting its payload on it.
Just as the move to shove foreign nuclear technology down India’s throat through RAW is meant to enable the U.S. to take control of India’s nuclear program, this is a move by the C.I.A., through RAW, to enable the U.S. to take control of India’s space program which had taken on European payloads for this mission and given excuses of funding problems, etc., precisely to avoid the U.S. payload and the nefarious design behind it. India should reject all such ‘cooperation’ and not allow the U.S. to touch its space program with a million mile pole.” As in the case of the nuclear program, top ISRO scientists have been bribed to bring the space program under American control. Former ISRO chief, Kasturirangan, now a member of the Rajya Sabha, strongly supports the nuclear deal also (governorships and Rajya Sabha memberships are one of the ways C.I.A.-RAW rewards traitors).
Isha Khan

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