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High Time India Quit Kashmir
October 26, 2008, 8:22 pm
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High Time India Quit Kashmir


Indian nasty mindset of annexation is too alarming that its neighbors should be really worried about the long term ramifications of Indian reckless armaments, especially with US supplying the needy “things”. Manmohan has done enough damage, i.e.., ground work for the growth of capitalism and imperialism in India and his successors would pursue the same further, but gradually India would become an agent of USA. Plus, the communal forces operating under the garb of political outfits would destroy the country’s harmony, however, weak it maybe. On understanding, the communal elements would be let come to power by Congress party whose anti-Muslim agenda is now explicit.  India’s continued occupation of Jammu Kashmir is not in the interest of neither the region nor SAARC welfare and its heavy armament programs under US shield is a sign of Indian hidden destructive intents.


Historically speaking, fascism, like capitalism and imperialism both classic and neo-, does not admit any scope for counseling or advise and it needs to routed completely, as Soviet Russia did to German fascism  thereby closing the disastrous WWII.      With new vistas in armaments, India is still looking for avenues to invade and annex some more alien lands and credited to Indian Union account. South Asian nations should be wary about Indian weaponization programs with the help of the global terrorist sate USA

 Terrorist colonizer India has been trying all tricks, learnt from the former Western colonizer UK, to silence the unwilling Kashmiris who demand freedom from Indian genocide and terror military rule through a band of pro-Indian elements controlled by Indian intelligence agencies. Knowing fully well the present critical situation in JK, and overlooking the recent pro-freedom protests in Kashmir valley, the Election Commission has decided to hold elections in the state in seven phases so that Indian terror forces could effectively control and terrorize the defenseless Kashmiris. The last phase elections would be held on December 24.



JK Polls for Indian Terror Legitimacy


In spite of protests and strong opposition from Kashmiris, the poll preparations in JK by the terrorist illegal Indian occupants have begun in the state, disregarding opposition by the people. Only Reserve Bank money bags are yet to arrive from different political parties from India and Indian government.



Pro-India politicians in Jammu Kashmir are focused on the material benefits for themselves by supporting the Indian agenda, both open and hidden. On Oct 22 kicking off election campaign from central Kashmir, Omar Abdullah President National Conference (NC), a close ally of communal Hindu BJP (both demanded polls against the will and wishes of Kashmiris), has acknowledged the freedom leaders’ right to launch parallel campaign against elections. Fortunately, he does not oppose it. He, however, added that the elections had no bearing on the legal status of Kashmir issue and “India and Pakistan alone can settle this dispute, local actors better focus developmental issues.” In fact Omar has kicked off not just the JK poll campaign, but the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and their sacrifices made so far in that direction. Pakistani President Zardari has already slammed the “terrorists in Jammu Kashmir”, and leaving the Kashmir issue to both terrorist India and somewhat confusing Pakistan, the freedom struggle is likely to suffer the worst possible causalities. It is shameful that these pro-India Kashmiris politicians could even think of lambasting the freedom struggle just for few Reserve Bank coins t be deposited in Swiss Bank. These leaders, irrespective of their color of flags, have pocketed Indian money and Kashmir development remained a dream, but destruction and genocide continued. India has taken massacre of Kashmiris as its birth right. Despite the suppression of people both by India and JK pro-India agents, Kashmiris have taken up the freedom cause and thee pro-India leaders have to realize that their days are over.  



The announcement of the polls in JK has come as a surprise to the people of valley, who feel that it is not the opportune time for elections as the valley has witnessed the biggest pro-independence demonstration of the last two decades. Now that the poll dates have been announced, regional political parties have come out with their response. As expected the pro-India politicians have welcomed the Indian move.  Welcoming the announcement of elections in the state National Conference (NC) president Omar Abdullah said he was glad that the suspense over the announcement of polls ended. “How good or bad the decision is, time will tell. Now we can think to get down to the process of electioneering”. 


As expected, the freedom movement leaders whom the Indian as well as Kashmir media shameless call, without knowing the history of Jammu Kashmir, as so-called “separatists” although it India which plays the separatist and destructive role in Jammu Kashmir,  have shown strong resentment towards the decision. All Parties Hurriat Conference has rightly described the announcement as another election drama in Jammu & Kashmir. Chairman Side Ali Gianni, who is currently undergoing treatment at New Delhi, has said elections are meaningless for the people of Kashmir till they achieved freedom. While the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Mohammad Basin Mali said that the struggle of Kashmiri people was aimed at resolving the Kashmir dispute and not for holding elections. 
Issues pertaining to the assembly elections were discussed threadbare at the meeting at Rajbagh headquarters of the Amalgam. Terming the election as an attempt to “hoodwink” international community and impress upon world that people are exercise their franchise under Indian rule, Hurriyat Conference led Mirwaiz Umer Farooq Wednesday announced to launch vigorous boycott campaign to acquaint people about “hidden agenda’s by New Delhi.” the amalgam has decided to launch house to house election boycott campaign to inform people about the ‘ill effects’ of the elections on the Kashmir struggle. Mirwaiz also urged people to distance themselves from the “futile exercise” to express solidarity with the “martyrs”.  

In fact, most of the mainstream parties too had earlier called for the postponement of the assembly elections in state saying time is not ripe for the poll process.  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) openly said it would not favor elections in the state, its rival National Conference, unsure of winning the polls, was in dilemma over the poll issue and wanted Election Commission to immediately decide in favor of or against holding the elections. The Indian communal national political party, BJP, however, was strongly advocating for timely polls in the state so as to make most of the communal sentiment it succeeded in whipping up in the winter capital of the state.  But now, a speculated on the basis of their past “records”, most of the pro-Indian outfits have sided with Indian agenda.


By voting with the pro-India politicians, the Kashmiris would offer the Indian oppressors and terrorists who killed about one lakh defenseless Kashmiris an opportunity to defend themselves with the popular mandate to rule them. India and its agents in Jammu Kashmir would also defend their oppressive measures including the genocide of freedom seeking Kashmiris. No doubt, the senior most Hurriat leader Syed Ali Geelani has become symbol of freedom movement for his principled stand and assured all out support to him on behalf of the British Kashmiri community.



In Kashmir October 27 will be observed as Black Day to convey to the international community that Kashmiris reject India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly the Kashmiri Diaspora has decided to mark the day as protest day to force occupying “democratic” India to vacate Jammu Kashmir voluntarily. Three-e-Kashmir UK has appealed to Pakistani and Kashmiri community to join the organization at an anti- India rally to be held in front of Indian High Commission in London on the occasion of 61st anniversary of Kashmir’s military occupation. People of Kashmir have brought the freedom movement to present stage by offering 100,000 precious lives and they will continue to offer more sacrifices till the desired goal is achieved. They paid great tribute to Geelani for leading the Kashmiri peoples’ struggle with courage and determination.


Unified Jammu Kashmir



India in fact believes in deciding all disputes by military means. Kashmiris seek freedom and a unified Kashmir that would exist independently. Unfortunately the division of Kashmir was linked to partition of India. How could India and UK bring Jammu Kashmir in their disputes? UK supported Indian position. The partition was therefore mostly one-sided affairs with India equipped with British military apparatus left behind by the English occupiers, could easily dictate terms to Pakistan. The accession of Junagadh, Hyderabad and Jammu Kashmir, however, severely strained relations between the two countries. Junagadh had a Muslim ruler but the vast majority of its people were Hindus, and it was geographically not contiguous to Pakistan. The ruler acceded to Pakistan, but India, as was only to be expected, refused to acquiesce in Junagadh’s accession to Pakistan and forced the issue by military means. The ruler of Hyderabad, the Nizam, was a Muslim but the overwhelming majority of his subjects were Hindus, and the state was surrounded by Indian Territory. India refused to let Hyderabad declare its independence as well. Eventually, India invaded Hyderabad and annexed it by force in September 1948, a few days after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam.


The Jammu Hindu maharaja played havoc in making Kashmiris slaves to his Indian masters. The overwhelming majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir were Muslims while the ruler was a Hindu. The state was geographically contiguous and culturally closer to Pakistan. There was no road link between India and Kashmir except through o district, which had a Muslim majority and which had been provisionally included in Pakistan under the partition plan of June 3, 1947. But Gurdaspur was added to India in the boundary award announced on August 17, 1947. Obviously, Pakistan was annoyed. In the same month, there were demonstrations in Poonch against the Maharaja’s contemplated move to join India. The Indian state troops fired upon the demonstrators, inflicting heavy casualties.. The people who had suffered under Dogra rule for so long rose in open revolt against the Maharaja’s autocratic rule. The Indian fire still continues and many Muslims are getting killed day by day in Kashmir on fictitious pretexts.  



Cross Border Trade (CBT)  

This part of the world is witnessing a new trend known as cross border trade against the prevailing cross border terrorism perpetuated by India to retain its terror control over Jammu Kashmir. One is not very sure, if the new Governor is indeed seeking freedom for both Kashmir and India mutually, but the forced poll announcement by him regime is not suggesting that India is heading for a peaceful atmosphere in the region and for a cooperative settlement.



Governor Vera could have felt the surge of human emotions of Kashmiris held over thus far tactfully by Indian terrorist techniques. On the launch of cross-Loc trade on Tuesday, the Kaman Bridge connecting the divided parts of Kashmir witnessed emotional scenes. When people on the other side of Loc saw traders approaching the Kaman Bridge, they failed to control their emotions and raised slogans in favor of Kashmir’s unity. The mood on this side too was extremely charged up with people waiving hands as a gesture depicting their happiness over the start of cross-Loc trade. One of the persons on this side broke down when he glanced at the other side of Loc. He remembered his brother, who was killed in 1990by arrogant Indian terror forces just for fun while making an attempt to cross the Loc.



White doves of peace were released as 14 Pakistani trucks bedecked with the national flag crossed a bridge into occupied Kashmir carrying rice, onions and dried fruit. A convoy of 13 trucks carrying mostly apples set off on a historic trip to as ad Kashmir from the Indian-held Kashmir. These acts of mutual concerns and reciprocated warmth set the tone for not only the emergence of Kashmir as an independent nation to exist in between India and Pakistan, but also the coming closer of Indo-Pakistan sentiments, though India symbol of No13 does not argue against any positive outcome form this mutual gestures. School children and people on the Pakistan side raised slogans “Kashmir will become Pakistan,” and “Long Live Kashmir freedom movement.”


The opening of the trade route after nearly 60 years has brought some hopes for Kashmiris on the both sides of the “Indian” made divide and has been a key demand of occupied Kashmiri leaders. Kashmiri truckers from both sides said they were delighted about the resumption of trade. “It is a historic day which will surely help the economy of both parts of Kashmir,” said occupied Kashmir’s Governor NN Vera, as he flagged off the convoy from Salamabad, 12 kilometres (seven miles) from the Line of Control. Speaking on the other side of border, Azad Kashmir’s Prime Minister Atiqur Rehman said he also hoped the event will “help make headway towards resolving the Kashmir issue.” But Rehman against hopes the opening of trade across an old ceasefire line and the de facto border, known as the Line of Control (LOC), would lead to a quick solution of the more than 60-year dispute over Muslim-majority Kashmir. “All these steps, cross-LOC trade, communication, people-to-people contacts, talks, all these things slowly and gradually they are most generally contributing factors towards the ultimate resolution,” Rehman said.


Cross LOC trade is a big step towards creatively re- inventing the ties between India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir with bold commitments. This was stated by many politicians in particular the senior PDP leaders. Describing the commencement of Trade on Srinagar- Muzaffarabad and Poonch- Rawlakote roads as unprecedented and Historic, the PDP leaders said that the pronouncements by the Indo-Pak leadership for peace and full normalization of bilateral ties through resolution and pioneering CBM’s in Kashmir has mea red the beginning of a new era where in the Kashmiri People would have a respectable and dignified position. But knowing Indian petrified mindset on Kashmir independence and its ill-focusing on Pakistan, no high hopes could be attached to only the one event of CBT.  



India used extensively the theme of “cross-border-terrorism” to terrorize Muslims in India and Kashmir and slam Pakistan. India right wings Hindutva leaders harp on “partition” theme apart from “terrorism:”, and “appeasement” themes for electoral purposes. When India BJP leader hailed Mohammad Ali Jinnah, there was a big hue and cry in intelligence controlled Indian media, not so much from the politicians.  Jinnah was liberal Barrister and had joined the Indian National Congress, founded in 1885 by an Englishman, in 1904. He was influenced by several enlightened, moderate and liberal politicians. Led by the eminent men like Jinnah, Congress initially pursued moderate and liberal policies. Congress soon began to take a communalistic hue after M K Gandhi had returned to India from South Africa in 1915 and gradually taken control of the Party from the liberal elements. After the death of many of his Hindu friends like Gokhale and Mehta Jinnah was getting disenchanted with the change in the Congress policy and creed under Gandhi, and at the end of their Nagpur session of Congress in 1920, the audience almost refused to listen to Jinnah and vociferously acclaimed Gandhi as the undisputed Congress hero. Congress focused on Hindutva issues and started sideling Muslims. This was the beginning of the end-parting of ways between Jinnah and Congress. Jinnah then concentrated on Muslim League. Interestingly, as a shroud politician, Gandhi soon realized the importance of religious unity to get sovereignty back from colonial Britain and began preaching non-violence and brought the Hindus and Muslims together to fight a joint struggle for freedom.

History always has something to teach the humanity and India should now realize the importance of Indian Muslims for a new India, on the one hand and, on the other, the need for surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmiris. Time is running out for India.



An Observation

By granting freedom to Kashmir, India would also in effect become a truly free nation by itself. But look at the way India terrorist rulers have gone ahead with the polls preparation to justify their illegal occupation and militarization and genocide of Kashmiris with the consent of the pro-India elements thus far enjoying the Indian shield and cash. Thousands and thousands of innocent Kashmiris have lost their precious lives at the terrorist hands of India. They have been demanding their sovereignty back form the arrogant India, while Indian leaders both civilian and military , have so far maintained discrete  silence, rather criminal one, and even the “nice’ premier Manmohan has  not opened his bank mouth to tell the struggling Kashmiris about a deadline for troop withdrawal form Jammu Kashmir. UN has only slammed India for its terrorist activities in Jammu Kashmir, but UNSC has not yet responded to freedom demands of Kashmiris; it has duty to secure the lives of innocent Kashmiris struggling for freedom from India; also secure Kashmir freedom from occupying terror India. India should remember that in declaring re-independence for Jammu Kashmir India also helps itself to become a really free and independent country on its own.


However, India has taken all possible risks by announcing the poll dates ignoring the sentiments of Kashmiris and India would have to pay a heavy price for that as well. Indian strategists cannot afford to forget or ignore the Kashmir uprising so son thinking that they could be made busy in the poll by provoking the politicians to fight with one another. Colonial Indians could be over-smart, but they are terribly mistaken if they think Kashmiris could be fooled for ever by manipulating their people and resources. Kashmiris are different now than they were a couple of months ago. They are well organized and they are guided by freedom leaders who made sacrifices for Kashmir. All Parties Hurriat Conference leaders, however, have rightly remarked that India still needs to acknowledge that Kashmir is disputed, and be prepared to address the underlying issue of the future of the region. By all means the polls would not take place or would be a total farce with military filling up most of the ballot papers and forcing Kashmiris either to vote or die.     


The periodical elections for the JK Assembly and Indian Parliament, supplemented by regular genocide of Kashmiris, could not provide any solution to the Kashmir imbroglio. The Freedom leaders have called for a boycott of the Indian farcical poll since it is supplemented by a promise of surrendering sovereignty to Kashmiris after the poll. False promises and farcical polls would create more turmoil in Jammu Kashmir. With a great majority of people preferring to abandon the Indian poll strategy to control Jammu Kashmir for some time, India has to roll back the polls and decide fast abut a date to begin troop pullout. Kashmiris don’t want an inch of Indian territories, but they seek to get back only their own nation now under Indian terror custody. Kashmiris cannot be taken for granted any more, a few pro-India agents supporting the hidden agenda of India notwithstanding, Mr. Mother India. 

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Just a suggestion : Kashmir should be separated from both india and Pakistan along with some portions that belonged to the original kashmir.

Comment by Kunal

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