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Roots of Indian Terrorism
November 3, 2008, 11:06 am
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Roots of Indian Terrorism

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Hindus breed terror seeds in order to terrorize and kill Muslims. Equipped with colossal weapons, India never seeks peaceful solutions. It wants to use force to coerce those who disagree with its colonial and imperialist drives. India has thus created a corpus of militant Hindus who are arrogant and seek terrorist means to settle issues. Kashmiris seek peaceful resolution of sovereignty issue, but India continues to add terror forces to occupied Jammu Kashmir and kill the defenseless Kashmiri Muslims. Yet, India claims to a secular democracy and seeks a UNSC seat to pursue its hidden agendas.

Like the USA, the world terrorist nation, India also off and on makes loud noises about the now famous “terrorism”, though of late it come refrained, for no reason, using the phrase “cross border terrorism. The intelligence wing with the help of essentially anti-Muslim Indian media is never tired of “tracking” the Muslims as “terrorism” causers. The paid media agents do churn out “interesting” stories about Muslim terrorists and how they were tracked and argue, quite convincingly, how important it is to finish off the Muslims in stock and barrel.

One of the major Hindu festival Divali (or Deepavali in the south India) has been, as usual celebrated, rather blasted, in all parts of India from Kanyakumari to Punjab and Haryana (Jammu Kashmir is an alien nation though presently under Indian military occupation and brutal control) in the usual fun and fair with a lot more noise pollution and atmosphere pollution, but also glorification of terrorism actions in a legally fitting matter.

Many a Hindu festival in India is marked by terrorism shows like loud crackers and semi explosives. Fascist tendencies are explicit on these occasions. Hindus expect Muslims to cooperate with Hindus in expressing solidarity with Hindu festivities by aggressively exploding semi-explosives. If it only Hindus blast explosives, it is one matter, but Muslims living among the Hindus also, for fear of onslaught form the Hindus if they also do not do same, for expressing their own terrorist instincts at part with fellow Hindus, waste quite a lot of money on “fire-works’ creating nuisance, pollutions, both noise and atmospheric, as well inconvenience to the moving public in streets and roads.

Inspired by terror based festivities, the Hindus make more powerful explosives to terrorize the nation.

It is strange that whenever India or Blue wing of Indian team inside India wins a match similar terrorism blasts do happen almost every where in India and this is done in a systematical manner and no an isolated phenomenon. This aggressive expression of joy at victory in a match takes very ugly form in many parts of India when Hindus blast bombs.
1. Indian Fascism

Ghastly destruction of Grand Babri Mosque remains the glaring specimen for the Indian and Hindu fascist culture, rather vulture culture. Hinduism, thus, has become a symbol of intolerance, terrorism, apart from being a major source of colonialism and imperialism.

In fact these explosives situation in India only showcases fascist trends in Hindu thinking. The attitude is very simple: “it is our country (read Hindus’) and we will do whatever we please and if you don’t want to tolerate us (read Indian democracy and secularism) then go to Pakistan”. This has been the standard response from the Hindus to any Muslims who even silently resent such anti-social terrorist activities in the society in the name of festivities. Muslims have no ways to defend their freedom in India, imposing fascist attitudes on Muslims.

USA and India must foster tolerance through deliberate policies and efforts, because all societies are now essentially multi-ethnic. Indian text books must teach the children respect of each other, to respect Muslims as part of the society as equal citizens. But children are taught ills about other races and cultures. Muslims are not unwanted elements as the Indian media project them.

2. Islam, a peaceful Religion

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. But the world wants to make and see it a religion of “terrorism” and “fundamentalism” just like that. India wants to siphon off the resources form Muslims and take every fruit of development exclusively for Hindus. Hence they harass Muslims. Islamophofia is being successfully created around the world to generate hatred against Muslims and threaten their very existence. In countries where Muslims are in minority, such as India, USA and UK, Muslims are being ill-treated the worst possible ways and they are branded as “terrorists”, real or potential.

Evil of intolerance has been indeed on the increase in the so-called democracies. Intolerance to Islamic faith in a covert manner is being religious practiced not just in USA, UK and the rest of the West, but even in countries like Hindu India that make tall claims about their tolerance and what they practice in fact amount to contempt for tolerance. Muslims at global level still refused to combat this nasty phenomenon. The phenomenon has thus resulted crudely in the anti-Islamism projections the world over, causing death, genocide, violence, religious persecution as well as confrontations on different levels. While talking about tolerance, the global state machinery has been targeting on Muslims as its perceived enemy. Majority Indians, the Hindus, show disrespect to Muslims and expect total obedience to Hindus and their institutions, including culture. They expect Muslims to renounce Islamic rituals eventually and imbibe Hindu customs and practices in stead in due course.

3. Congress-BJP communal-terrorist Nexus

Under the sinister garb of “secular democracy” India has promoted Hindu terrorists in a hidden manner and these terrorists plant bombs in select places across the nation and Indian media-cum-intelligence-cum-police cleverly place the blame on Muslims, while “patriotic’ terror organizations, while RSS and Bajrang Dal continue to terrorize India. Indian governments, both central and state, intentionally hide the information about Hindu terrorist activities, though Indian intelligence agencies do supply the information to the government circles for “necessary actions”.

The recent revelations in the Malegaon blasts put every ongoing blast investigation under a cloud and a question mark. Clearly, the police suppressed all the trails that led to Sangh outfits and BJP leaders – allowing these terrorists to roam free and contest and campaign in elections – while misleading the nation by framing innocents of a minority community. Is it not all too possible that this is happening in every single blast investigation?

Indian politics is communal. Congress has a very long communal history that goes back to 19th century when Indians were fighting for freedom form UK. It is not just BJP leaders, however, who are linked with the terrorist sadhvi. Pragya is a disciple of Swami Avadheshanand Giri: and her fellow disciples include Union HRD Minister and celebrated ‘secular’ figure Argon Singh and his son Ajay. The list of VVIPs, cutting across the political, executive and judiciary wings, could be too long, indeed! Ajay, head of the Congress campaign panel for the upcoming state polls in MP, rushed to deny Avadheshanand’s links with Pragya. VHP is trying to make the world Hinduized.

Intelligence and policy pretend ignorance of the secret Hindu organizations engaged in terrorist activities in the country. The Governments at State and Centre did not know all along about the activities of hidden Hindu terrorist originations, especially the Bhonsala Military Academy, which has been openly holding arms training camps for Bajrang Dal terrorists/goons from all over the country. Blasts aside, how come such training camps for communal outfits were not deemed illegal and banned even as Bajrang Dal brigades repeatedly conducted anti-Muslim and anti-Christian violence?” The Congress and UPA Government is hoping to let the state machinery ‘leak’ out a tiny part of the truth about the involvement of Sangh outfits in terror, in order to get the upper hand in the elections. But we won’t be satisfied with such scraps.

Known for it hidden agendas and terrorist activities in Jammu Kashmir, India does not ban Hindu extremist organizations even after Babri Mosque was pulled down by Hindu terrorists. Congress plays hidden tricks with BJP, while several Hindu organizations are connected Congress party just as they are close to BJP. Military, police and media are under the control of both of these parties. The nexus among all these Indian anti-Muslim components create terrorism and harm the national harmony and problems for innocent Muslims. Is it not a dangerous trend?

An Observation

Hindus derive a lot sadistic pleasures out of sufferings of Muslims both by promoting terrorism themselves and branding the Muslims as terrorists, while the hon. judiciary maintains silence as if the judges are deaf and dumps. Indian governments must ban the Hindu terrorist organizations, “social explosions” by Hindus disturbing social peace in the country, apart from causing serious climatic problems.

The terrorist instincts are inherent in Hindu mind. And this is indeed a very serious matter, because Hindus as the majority section of this predominately and predominately Hindu nation influence the Muslims in the country who for the sake of mere existence under the control of Hindus and their governments also and provoke them to engage themselves in terrorism activities. Political outfits run by Hindus incite violence by sung Muslims as henchmen.

Hindus terrorize Muslims and Muslims are also punished because the media and intelligence brand them as “terrorists”. India evades and violates human rights; but it tolerates the practice of tolerance against subjugation of Muslims by the state. It inversely advocates toleration of social injustice, the abandonment and weakening of one’s convictions. But tolerance means that one is free to adhere to one’s own convictions and accepts that others adhere to theirs. India is just opposed to this universal approach.

India must now admit that Hindus are terrorists and terrorize Indians and the entire region and kill the Muslims in Jammu Kashmir. India should not dream about justifying its terrorist activism by using USA, its newly found strategic partner with which it has been “nuclearily” flirting for quite some time. Time is up for India to go a through introspection and remedial measures for itself, its media and police, military and other variety of security services. Indian security forces are making the life of Muslims more and more insecure.


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
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