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Nehru- the chief architect of Kashmir Slavery
November 14, 2008, 6:17 am
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Nehru- the chief architect of Kashmir Slavery

By Dr Abdul Ruff Colachal

14th Nov is the birth day of Indian first premier Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, celebrated in the so-called “secular democracy” India as Children’s’ Day, as if he was a great lover of universal children when he made foundations to get the innocent Kashmiri parents murdered regualry by his terror forces. How much love Indians have for Muslim children in India and Kashmir merits a brief inquiry. Some hollow emotional Hindu friends write to me about “freedom of expression” and “equability” being granted in this “great” nation but they refuse to look at the plight of Kashmir Muslim children who are being harassed by Indian terror forces occupying their nation by brutal force and killing their kith and kin. When hegemonic India showcases its weapon prowess in Kashmir it is the children who are worst affected by this because they fear such terror shows would eventually kill their parents and themselves.

Harassment of Kashmiri children, including female, in all possible ways by the so-called security forces is a routine picture in Kashmir every where and almost all the time. Indian Hindus want to showcase the superioty of hegemonic mother India. Whether it is an “elected” government or Governor’s rule in Jammu Kashmi the situation does not vary any significantly in the region. But with an elected government in Srinagar and Jammu, Indian government is free to use terror to silence even the children in JK because they think these are the future freedom fighters and they should be contained very early so that they learn how to live under a foreign yoke. Since Indian forces hate Kashmiri Muslims, therefore, even children are not spared by them.

Kashmir children should be told about what kind of India Pundit Nehru had created and why they are the real suffers today at the blood stained hands of terrorist India. Currently there two issues in JK, one the farcical Indian poll and another, the possible role of Obama Barack, the President elect, in JK freedom struggle. Kashmiris look forward to Obama’s constructive role in securing freedom for Kashmiris, but the Indian strategists are growing sleepless these days on that account. The Indians want USA to support Indian terror case in Kashmir. Many American leaders (Presidents, Presidents-elect and defeated Presidential-aspirants) thought they could help in finding a solution to the Kashmir issue and failed to do so because of arrogance displayed by India for which there were supports around the terrorist world. Indians argue if the USA interfered, other than saying the usual phrase “let India and Pakistan resolve the issue amicably: which would only mean supporting Indian terrorism in Kashmir, it would burn their fingers and damage Indo-US relations. That is an indirect Indian threat to USA. However, India closely purses its Indian terror case with the supports of Obama in the USA, saying that India is also a secular democracy like the USA and anti-Islamic and hence USA should stand by India .

Many hard-line Indians are amazed that the President-elect oblivious of the past misadventures of the US in the sub-continent should be thinking of one more. Well-informed sources in India don’t want USA to support the Kashmiris case in any manner and say that if the President-elect wants to severely damage the developing Indo-US relations he could not have thought of a better idea than to “meddle” in Kashmir . There is amazement – and confusion – in India over reports that one of the first acts of the President will be to appoint former President Bill Clinton as his Special Envoy on the Kashmir issue to facilitate a settlement between India and Pakistan .
Indian strategists in USA are thronging around the White House to make USA pro-India nation especially when Indo-US nuclearism has been clinched on heavy payment basis. Indian terrorism specialists argue that Democrats would not support Indian state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir even though it would not reign in the atrocities of Indian on innocent Kashmiris.

Americans, across the political divide, just play usual international politics to advance its national interests and want to use the greedy Indians for that. USA indeed had earlier suggested to Sheikh Abdullah, the then Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir that he should seek independence and promised that the US would support him. When the Indian Intelligence Bureau informed Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister, of Stevenson’s secret discussions with Abdullah, he sacked Abdullah. Adlai Stevenson became persona non grata with the Indian political class and public. When Clinton became the President in 1993 he could not resist the temptation to have a go at settling the Kashmir issue. Indian specialists view that US interest in Kashmir has damaged Indo-US relations. USA keeps saying let India and Pakistan resolve the issue on their own, meaning nothing for freedom Kashmiris in content.

US President elect Obama chose Pakistani president Zardari as one of the eight world leaders to speak to once he was declared elected, but Indians are pressing their pro-India mafia in the USA to request Obama to reply to Indian phone calls. Now clearly India and its militant like hardliner specialists feel the Obama and his Democratic Party are bad for India and Osama Bin would again play a role to help USA to secure Kashmir to the real owners, the freedom fighters. Indian intelligence and its media men say that in the history of Indo-American relations since India became independent in 1947, there have been more instances of meddling by Democrats than by Republicans. Many “diplomacy” stalwarts suggest to Indian foreign office to catch the policy makers in Washington to fix the Kashmir issue in favor of terror India.

Discovery of graveyards in Kashmir should make Kashmir children sure of Indian hidden agenda in Kashmir and what bleak future awaits them in future if terror India continues to occupy their lands. Indian leaders, their media as well as Kashmir media just close their eyes on the fate of Kashmir children while loudly pronouncing Nehru’s list of great achievements. Muslim children in India are being molded by their unconsciously pro-Hindutva Muslim parents and the Hindu political organizations surrounding them to respect Hindu culture in preference to their own, if they want to exist peacefully in Indian secular democracy. Kashmiris children should have that ate to and only freedom can salvage this crude situation. And Kashmiri children would benefit by preventing tricky Indian polls and certainly not by going with their parents and relatives to polling booths to vote by standing in long queues braving scotching heat and piercing cold. Let pro-India elements conduct their own party polls in a truly democratic way first without following the retched feudal rules to get their “own people” elected to the posts.

World history has many instances of colonial and imperial powers surrendering sovereignty back to the suppressed and oppressed nations, India got freedom from UK, and one can expect India to do the same in due course once they are damn sure of insistent resistance to Indian occupation by Kashmiris. But the Indian leaders still imagine Indian military is not occupying Kashmir. A glimpse of killings, destructions and poll arrangement by using Indian cash (stolen?) and muscle will reassure the Kashmir children of what kind of India Pundit Nehru had carved out for Muslims in India and Kashmir right in 1947. Kashmiris from a free nation have been turned into a flock of slaves by Nehruvian India by sung brutal force and some pro-India elements in Kashmir. Same Nehru India has also has done enough damage to Indian Muslims in all respects, including spiritually, by dismantling the Grand Babri Mosque on the UK assumptions on the basis of the narrative Ramayana that there was temple once upon a time. Indian Muslim leaders are either co-opted or silenced by Hindu India. So, the ordinary Muslims in this democracy are afraid of even talking about anything against Indian terrorism, destruction of Babri Mosque, attack on Muslims, etc.. Funny secular India indeed!

Fruits yielded cannot vary entirely from the seeds one sows first, and Indian state terrorism in Kashmir is the loudest example as well as illustration of that painful fact. But will Kashmir children be free from Indian state terror atrocities?

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